I’ve whipped up a few freebies to help you get some quick wins against that phantom arch nemesis stealing away your dollar bills!        

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Nicolyndime Thrifter’s Group

 (Jeepers, It’s awfully kitschy around here…) Thrifters are an amazing and wonderful group of people, so I decided to bring us all together! Want to Join? The Nicolyndime Thrifter’s Group is a FREE monthly meet up group along the Florida Space Coast.  Yes, I said free.  And there’s no other group like it. It’s basically […]

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Treasures Found! The Shop

Treasures come in all shapes and sizes, tangible and the intangible, practical and frivolous.  It’s all in here.  If you’re seeking relics, look no further than my Etsy Shop, or the Parrot’s Cove Mall in Cocoa, FL.  If it’s knowledge you’re seeking, check out my current courses.  And don’t forget about the freebie section!  You […]

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Who’s That Girl?

Meet the real Nicolyn, and all the personas of Nicolyndime.            

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Latest Posts

February Thrift Haul!

February 26, 2018 | No Comments

I found some vintage 90’s treasures this month.  Check out my handbags, books, and only one clothing item… what could it be?

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My Top 4 Tricks to Combat the Sniffles

February 19, 2018 | No Comments

You know when you feel it coming, but you don’t want to give in… but it’s there and it won’t go away.  That little tickle that makes you clear your throat, or that first sneeze tells you something is brewing. Most people aren’t trying to be frugal when it comes to staying well, but fortunately […]

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Last Minute but Perfect Valentine’s Day Ideas (Even If You Have No Time And Little Money)

February 12, 2018 | No Comments

I love sharing my penny pinching Valentine’s Ideas with you because most significant others don’t need a significant display  EVERY Valentine’s Day, (and chances are if you happen to be someone who DOES need a significant display every year, you won’t find my humble blog interesting so I’ve already lost you….) So here are my […]

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