A Little Makeup Lesson

Photo credit libertygrace0  Foter  CC BY

Photo credit libertygrace0 Foter CC BY

It all started with a 50 cent wet n wild fuchsia lipstick purchased at the drugstore.  I bought it after a revelation just before my 30th birthday.  A colleague had told me she liked my mild pink lipstick, and that she could never pull it off.  I gave her the advice I had given many of my makeup clients in the past, and that was, to just try it.  Often times we have a certain idea of what we should look like based on what we have always looked like.  When I would put a brighter or bolder lip color on my clients, they would always coo at the mirror in amazement exclaiming how they may have never chosen that color but now they must purchase a similar shade.  I watched how they had a renewed sense of confidence, just from a tube of lipstick.
It’s why I love the art of makeup.  But I must admit, that I was making the same judgments about myself.  I would try a brighter shade, and promptly wipe it off, thinking that people would surely think I had lost my mind.  That conversation with that colleague, however, gave me an aha moment when I spoke some words that stuck with me for weeks.  When she had commented on how she could not wear that shade, I had told her I was working up to gradually wearing more daring shades.
But later I wondered why I thought I had to wait.  In the months leading up to my 30th birthday, I realized how finally contented I was in my ability to stand up and be proud of who I was.  So I got in my car, and went to that drugstore, where it was as if the universe was calling out to me because there just so happened to be a sale on one of my favorite brands; Wet n Wild.  $1.00 later, I walked out with a garnet shade, and a bright barbie pink fuchsia.  I tried the garnet shade.  It wasn’t bad.  I tried the fuchsia.  I hated it.  I hated it the next day too.  Then one random day, I put it on to test it out with my group of dance students.  I held my breath and waited to be judged.
To my surprise, everyone that commented on the shade, had only positive things to say.  I started looking forward to finishing off my makeup routine with that bright lipstick.  I continue to wear that color, and other shades in the same family, and I learned a valuable lesson.
20140818_011114-1You could be holding back, and talking yourself out of something completely awesome, all because of a fear of trying and ultimately failing.  I still struggle with this notion at times, hampered by the idea that failing will absolutely crush me.  But then I am reminded by my little tube of pink lipstick, and its lesson while it quietly waited for me upon a drugstore makeup shelf.