NutraNail Gel Perfect Review

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!  This Monday I’d like to welcome you to my first product review!  Recently I found this NutraNail Gel Perfect 5 minute gel-color manicure.  I purchased the colors Peony and Lotus when I found them on clearance at the Rite Aid from $7.99 to only $1.99 each.  This color here is the Lotus.  The instructions on the box say that you can remove the polish with 100% pure acetone, so I got some of this at the drugstore as well.  The polish color itself is a very small bottle at .17 fl oz.  The kit also comes with a brush cleaner in the same size, and a .25oz activator.  

(Note:  this is the brush cleaner after use.  It started out clear but became this pink tinted shade from the gel color.)

I read the directions quite thoroughly, and read them a second time because I thought the steps were a bit confusing.  The basic set up is as follows:
1. Unscrew all bottles
2. Brush the activator on the nails, working with only one hand at a time so that the activator does not dry.  It says to brush the activator over the edge of the nail, but to avoid cuticles.  Because I had my nails very short, there wasn’t a way for me to easily brush the activator over the edge, while working quickly, WHILE ALSO avoiding my skin.  (I assumed if you were not supposed to get it on the cuticle, you also should attempt to avoid your skin)
3. Brush on color in thin coat.  Use slight pressure.  After applying the color, you are instructed to wipe off the excess color on a paper towel, and then told to put that brush into the brush cleaner, while also swapping the brush cleaner brush into the gel color for the next application.  
4.  Do your other hand same way as you did in steps 1-3.
5.  Second coat of both the activator and color to nails once more.
The first thing:  The smell of the activator is a strong, and i mean STRONG, chemical odor, that actually made my eyes burn and hurt like i was slicin and dicin an onion!  So I actually had to keep my face away from my hand, and was surveying the situation from afar.
The second thing:  The color seemed very thin, and I wanted to do three coats, but stopped at two as to follow the directions fully.  On one finger on the second coat while applying the “slight pressure”  I dug a canal into the polish, and it dried that way.  ):
The third thing:  The brushes got thick and stiff pretty quickly, even with swapping them out in the brush cleaner.
Here’s the manicure right after I finished it.  Nice, but truthfully I wasn’t all that impressed.
20150129_133327 20150128_003750
After 40 minutes, I accidentally brushed my nail against a piece of paper, and the color transferred to the page.  After an hour, the smell was still horrendous, and I went to wash my hands.  Prior to washing my hands, the nails felt a bit tacky, but that vanished after the first washing.  I washed my hands two times however, because of the smell, and it still remained.  I actually thought about removing the gel manicure at this point because the smell was so jarring, but I stayed strong in the honor of the review!
The next day, the smell still remained, and I was worried others could smell it while i was out and about.  As I went about my day, that smell kept haunting me!  
Just one day in and I noticed this small chip already.  
By the second day, I had a few more chips on my left hand and one on my right hand.
Overall I kept the gel on for a solid week, and each day after doing the dishes and showering, I noticed more and more decline in the appearance of the polish.  
20150131_220558 20150131_220543 
Here’s the 7th day of the manicure:
I will try this again with the other color, and now that I have the hang of it, I might have better luck.  However, that smell NEVER went away.  It changed slightly, and lessened, but never went away.  In fact, the smell surely outlasted the actual manicure.  It was very unappealing when I did my makeup, or ate anything.  I wouldn’t want to wear this gel color if I was doing a client’s makeup, or putting my hands up by anyone’s face.  I kind of think that the Activator is just simply super glue.  It sure does smell just like super glue and the warning on the directions tells that the activator will bond skin on contact.  Sounds a lot like super glue to me.  
To remove:  I first tried regular nail polish remover, and it worked a little but not quite effective.  I then used the 100% acetone and it removed the color immediately.  A second swipe, with a new cotton ball, got the remaining activator off quickly.  I followed up with some cuticle oil because acetone can be very drying.  Here is the end result right after the acetone.  As you can see there is no damage to the nail.


If you have tried this Gel Color, and you have any advice for my next manicure, I welcome the tips.  Also If you would like a drugstore product reviewed, comment down below!  

I am not being paid for this review, and the opinions are my own.