First Florida Estate Sale!

As I mentioned in my last post, my husband and I decided the last minute to go to an estate sale.  It was actually his suggestion since he knows how much I love going to them.  We didn’t find much vintage charm or many old treasures, but you know me, and I managed to find a few vintage items.  Hubby found some cool little tools.  He got a bunch of plastic and metal clamps, and while he was looking in the garage I found some old metal drawer pulls that looked just like the ones I took off my grandma’s old furniture.  Then I found some other tool like items, that would be really boring to photograph, like a battery air pump/ deflator/ worklight and another air mattress pump thing.  

Anyway, onto the vintage goodness:  

20150423_182847 20150423_182842

Another vintage suitcase!  Not a pretty color but at $2.50 I can figure out a way to cover or paint it if I’d like to later.  

20150423_181011 (1) 20150423_182356

“Chrome” salt n pepper shakers, and yes these are as big as they look!  I got the set for a buck.  They got a little scrub a dub dub and they shined up pretty nice.  I may paint them pink.  I have a chrome set of kitchen canisters that I got for a bargain at a thrift store in PA.  They are pretty beat up and I think I want to paint those pink to go into my 50’s pastel kitchen that I will soon begin to set up.  (Our furniture and stuff is coming this weekend!!!)  Once it’s set up I’ll be sure to photograph it. 🙂


These vintage and vintage inspired linens.  Someone used this tablecloth as a rag I think.  What a sin….. 🙁  I did my best to get the stains out but alas they are there to stay.  It will perhaps find its way into my someday quilt.  I think the tablecloth pieces were .50 each, and the napkins sets were $1.50 each.

I also found 5 white curtains that I snatched up for less than 50 cents a piece.  I doctored the one to look more vintage, sweet, and shabby chic.  I will show you the before and after in another post!  It now resides in my kitchen.  

20150423_184511 20150423_184557 (2)

Our big purchase from the day was this set of two chairs and a chaise lounge.  Since I got into this house with a lovely screened in patio, we have been seeking out some furniture on Craigslist.  So far we have 4 folding chairs which we scored for $20.  And the set of three from the estate sale was $35.  We still need a table, but I’m on the prowl.  

And that was it for the sale!

But wait there’s more……

After we got home I looked on Craigslist for a table, and some other items we have been wanting to get.  One such item was a Total Gym, because ya know, hubby wants to look like Chuck Norris, and I, Christi Brinkley.  Our bargain bonanza (as hubby called the day) continued when I saw a newer model Total Gym XLS, just posted for $75.  I didn’t even waste any time emailing, and called the seller and within the next two hours we were the proud new owners of the Total Gym.

All in all, a wonderful way for us to spend our 2 year anniversary, and we scored some major deals for our home.  

I always love seeing other folks fine vintage treasures and finds too.  What have you all found lately?