My Treasures Were Still There!

I DID end up going back to the estate sale that I had some luck at this past Friday.  I would have blogged about it sooner, but I was without my laptop, and trying to post from my Nook is for the birds!  


The first thing I grabbed were these patches for a project that I am going to get started on soon.  If anyone knows what these mean, please let me know!


Then I bee lined to the kitchen to see if the corningware was still there.  Yup, sure was!  I ended up grabbing this large one that I had never seen before for $6, and the saucepan size that was only $1.  


I also got some trinkets like this dish for holding jewelry, and a key for another future project.  I also grabbed those flour sack material kitchen towels to embroider.  I LOVE to embroider but I only know a few stitches, so I just do my own thang!

 20150530_12044720150530_120447 - Copy - Copy

I got some boring trivets, and this cute change purse, and these quirky breakfast cloth napkins.  I think they would be great for displaying muffins, or rolls in a basket for a brunch!


And I bought more “trash.”  Most people would think it is anyway, but for 10 cents I bought a PINK old Comet cleanser.  I had never seen this one, but I did some quick research and its apparently from the 1960’s.


I usually don’t have much luck at yard sales, and for the most part this past weekend was no different.  But I hit a few close to home, and I was thrilled to have found this little treasure.

20150530_120555  It was a bag of these napkin rings, 12 in total.  Without missing a beat, I bought the bag for a dollar.  I walked away half skipping because I knew that they would perfectly match this pyrex pattern from home:


When I researched these it turns out they are pyrex compatible napkin rings!  I never knew there was such a thing, but I love learning something new, while finding a good deal!

The last good deal of the day was this non vintage find, but one that completed our patio a bit:

20150530_120652  Finally found a small table for drinks, books, candles, etc.  At $3 I didn’t even haggle.

This weekend, I’m hoping to go to a vintage and junk wonderland estate sale and hit a church rummage sale, and if I do I’m sure I will have much more to show!

**Can anyone tell me about these patches, or those napkin rings?  I always love to hear about the history of my finds.