Walkin in Estate Sale Wonderland!

I could barely sleep last Thursday night because I was so full of excitement.  Last time I remember being that excited to wake up early was probably Christmas morning as a child.  I got an email about a sale from Estatesales.net.  It’s a very cool site where you can set your parameters to the zip code and the radius to where you are looking.  You will be emailed every week, or whenever there is a sale in your area.
I knew no other sales could hold a candle to this one, and didn’t even browse the photos (much) of the other listed sales.
This is what greeted me when I opened the email:
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This was an actual JUNKTIQUE store, and sadly the owner passed, but the wife was planning to turn it into a Porch themed store, with outdoor and patio decor.  They were wheeling and dealing, and letting people bundle, and let me tell you did I ever get a deal.  
I could have spent at least a month in here, every day, combing through the wonderful relics of the past.  
Here is what I found after almost two hours of scouring, while hubby patiently waited and talked to the owners of the estate liquidation, (love ya hunnie)
I won’t go on and on, but some of the notable items are the wonderful costume jewelry, antique cosmetic compact and lipstick (to add to my vintage hygiene vignette), and the cracker jack trinkets.  I just LOVE small vintage cracker jack charms.  Some of the ephemera I picked up were those advertisements on how to test your television tube, and an old Chicago railway train ticket with an address written in pencil on the back.  The greeting card has some handwritten letters inside.
I just love this old book I found, and figured it was meant for me!
The metal tray in the photo lineup is a lazy susan, and had the old perfume bottle on it hidden among some others.  It was pink, and old… so it was mine.  Later when I got home I glanced down at the top and discovered there was a little dancer on there!  Such a cute surprise.
And I was excited to find this napkin holder with an “N” on it, for Nicolyn!
20150605_182356 - Copy
I wanted to get so much more, but I practiced restraint since I have a small home now, and trying to keep it downsized and clutter free.  They gave me a deal of a lifetime on the whole lot at only $45 bucks, (which was the retail cost of one pair of earrings at the original store).
Even more so than shopping the sale, I loved taking a peek back in time, and being able to hold the items of the past, getting a close up view, and pondering how many hands also held the same item, what happened to those people, and how the item made it to its current lot in life.  
Any knowledge on the above items are greatly appreciated.  Please leave a comment down below so I can learn about the past.  What was the most exciting sale that you have attended?