Quick Makeup Review: Setting Sprays!


I’m just popping in today to do a quick review on the NYX Matte Finish long-lasting setting spray, and the E.L.F. Makeup Mist & Set.  
The NYX setting spray I picked up at my local Ulta after realizing that the Florida humidity was no match for my old way of doing my own makeup.  Most days I’m pretty “au naturale” and just cleanse and throw on my spf 30 moisturizer.  But those days when I do my makeup, I need it to last.
At Ulta, NYX was $7.99 plus tax.  You get 2.03 fl oz. in the bottle.  They also have a dewy finish spray.  
Review:  I wasn’t outside all day running laps in the noon sun, but I was at a gathering going in and out of a screened in porch.  I was pleasantly surprised that my skin didn’t get oily, and my foundation DID stay nice and matte looking.  I didn’t need to use any oil blotting sheets, or powder to freshen up.  My eye makeup hadn’t budged, and felt as though if I accidentally wiped my eye, I wouldn’t have smeared it all across my temple.  Application:  The spray was a light mist on my skin, and there were no offensive smells, or long drying time.  Makeup removal was easy with soap and water, and I did not have to scrub or work any harder to get the product off.  
The e.l.f makeup mist & set is in a comparable bottle at 2.02 fl oz.  The big difference here is the price.  E.L.F comes in at $3.00.  You can typically find E.L.F brand at Target, and I have sometimes found the Mist & Set there, otherwise you will also pay the shipping and handling at $4.95 if you cannot find it in retail stores.
Review:  When I used this setting spray, I was going to a similar gathering.  No marathon running in my makeup! (Or ever)  I was also pleasantly surprised by this spray.  The application was a bit more jarring, and when I sprayed the product, I had to hold my arm far away from my face because it did shoot out with a bit of force behind it.  It caused me to flinch a bit, and afterwards I fanned my face to dry it.  There seemed to be more product dispersed and I had droplets on my skin.  I didn’t want to absorb the excess with a tissue, for fear of smearing the makeup. There was no offensive smell in this bottle, however I have smelled the product in the past, and thought that the odor was strong.  This could have been due to a different “batch.”  I should note that the listed ingredients are aloe, green tea, cucumber, and vitamins A, C, & E.  The smell might have been the green tea, but this is just a total guess.  After the evening was over, I checked my makeup, and though I was impressed, I had some eyeshadow creasing on my right eye.  The E.L.F. didn’t feel as secure as the NYX.  Removal was just as easy as the NYX.
Overall, I feel like NYX has a little bit of an edge over the E.L.F but for the cost, the E.L.F is definitely in the running.
I love both of these products actually, and will continue to use them.  I will use the NYX when I need a super-duper, not going anywhere, no way no how makeup setting spray.  And I can use the E.L.F when it’s not so serious.