Always Off Makeup Cloths: Review and Giveaway!

I had seen the “Makeup Eraser” reviewed by one of my favorite vloggers, grav3yardgirl.  It’s a microfiber pink cloth that is supposed to remove all of your makeup with no cleansers, or chemicals, and machine washable so you can re use it.  It actually worked really well, but at $19.97, the price was a little steep for a frugal blogger 🙂  So it was something I put on the back burner.  
On Sunday I saw someone post these on Facebook.  They were found at Walmart in a three pack for $2.97.  I rushed right out and found them in the beauty aisle.


I was really excited to try them out, because I HATE using eye makeup remover products on my eyes.  I always feel like they are irritating to my eyes, and the cotton pads can be scratchy, or the smell makes me shudder.  For a while I used a cream to remove my eye makeup, but would always get it in my eye, then my vision was blurry for about a minute afterwards, and I’m pretty sure that’s NOT GOOD for your sight!
So today I’m coming at you with this oh so embarrassing, no good fashion beauty look of a half face of makeup!  I used my normal foundation, bronzer and blush, but was sure to go heavy with a smoky eye.  I used black mascara, black liquid liner, dark brown pencil liner, and charcoal eye shadow.  Here you can compare my no makeup side to my makeup side:


The directions don’t mention how to use the cloths, but say it can be used with or without cleanser.  So I used without to really test the effectiveness of the cloth.  The cloth itself has a nice soft feel.  I wet the whole cloth with warm water, and twisted the excess out.


The foundation, blush, and bronzer came off right away, as did my brow pencil.  Then I wiped my eye a few times, and this was halfway through the process:


After wiping several more times, I got all of the eye makeup off! 
My skin felt clean, with no oil, or residue left behind.  I am really impressed with these cloths.  I probably would finish up with my cleanser to be sure that all of the dirt from the day is gone.  


This is what the cloth looked like with my half face of makeup on it:
20150616_142759 20150616_142808
And this was its appearance after I washed it out with warm water only.  
I’m all caught up on laundry (woo hoo) so I didn’t wait to throw it into the wash.  Instead I hand washed it in the sink with a little laundry detergent.  I was surprised to see all of the makeup gone with little scrubbing.  Here are the results:
20150616_143510 20150616_143517
Overall:  I really love these cloths, and for about $1 a cloth you really cannot beat the price.  You can find them at your local Walmart, or on this website:
You can enter to win a pack right here on Nicolyndime!

(I am not being paid by this company to promote or endorse this product, and all opinions and fees for this giveaway are my own.)

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