Impromptu Treasure Hunt!


I fully did not intend to go treasure hunting this day, but I glanced on craigslist at a yard sale, and in the posted photos, there was a phone I have been looking for!  I feel like the trail has been getting closer, like finding small pieces to a treasure map, with hints that the find is close at hand.  At my very first estate sale in Florida, I found a red one of these.  I liked it but didn’t want to pay the high cost the estate sale company had on it, and that was on 50% off day!  Ever since that day, I’ve been seeing them in photos for other estate sales.  They were mostly black in color.  I knew that they made a pink color.  
Well here it is.  I got a late start, and figured it would be gone.  But I guess no one covets a pink replica payphone, as much as I do.  I also went fully intending to leave without it, thinking the yard saler would want a high price for it as well.  I thought $20 would be a good price for it, so I had that number in my mind. 
I drove first to an estate sale with lots of jadeite, and vintage glassware, but everything there was priced at antique dealer prices… so I headed to the yard sale with the pink phone.  
As I pulled up, I could still see it on the table, in all its pink glory.  When I asked how much, I was shocked to hear her say $20.  I bought the Anchor Hocking Fireking blue floral casseroles for a song, and this little squeaky rubber vintage doll.   Of course I had to counter offer the phone, and I walked away, (to a garage sale the next house over).  There I scored the vintage Samsonite train case for $3.  And I also texted Hubby to bounce this pink phone idea off of him.  He told me to get it.  
When I came back the girl selling it told me she would do $15 on the phone.  Her mom said she originally wanted $30, so I think I got a good deal.  It has a crack along the top, and is missing the drawer where the change would go, and also has a smiley face drawn on it in sharpie, but a new one costs at least $70.  I still haven’t a clue where it will go in our someday home… but I’m sure I’ll find a place.  
Stay tuned because that rubber squeaky doll will soon make her debut in my Etsy shop.  I’ve been working to get things cleaned, and listed!