Sunday Sale

Lately the Garage Sale Luck has been with me.  Normally I strike out at garage sales because there is too much new stuff there and it’s not what I’m seeking.  But yesterday I hit a sale less than a mile up the street.  I did pretty good, and for a total of $6, I scooped up all kinds of goodies.
That thing with the hoops is a towel holder for a guest bath.  There’s no space in this guest bath for it, but maybe in our someday home.  Otherwise I’ll find a way to re purpose it.  There was a lot of jewelry to hunt through, and I got these ultra sparkly chandelier earrings (I love anything sparkly) and these more understated ones.  Plus I got my husband a brand new watch, still in the packaging, and found this 1950 triangle watch.  (It will be listed in the etsy shop!)
The napkin set under the earrings is a nice country print for entertaining and tablescapes.  
20150628_121127_resized I picked up a book, and assumed it was 50 cents, but the woman wanted me to fill a bag for 50 cents, so I did just that!  I just love anything Country Living, and the Stretching Book will benefit my dance and teaching.  There are several magazines in there, and also a mid-century design book by Betty Pepis.
The last book on top is The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, which will also end up in the shop!
20150628_121051_resizedLastly, I got this painting.  It’s an actual oil painting, and the frame alone is worth a lot more, but I just love these older oil paintings in pastel colors.  She had $15 on every other painting and when I asked about this one they said $5, but would go $4.  When I bundled all the other items, it ended up being even less.  I’m so glad I asked!
Finally we had a Florida Visitor at the sale too:
This big fella (or lady)? came sauntering up through the yard.  We were telling him (her?) to find the water, because at 8:45 am it was already in the 90’s here.  
I was hoping I wouldn’t have to make a rescue!
Our friend went on its way… off to take a dip in the lake.