Grand Opening!!!

etsy title cube
I am really excited today to announce the grand opening of my etsy shop!
This dream of mine has been a long time coming.  I always have had a love for vintage, retro, shabby chic, and well loved items that have true charm, and stories to their timelines.  Though it may have taken me some time to refine my tastes, years of thrift store shopping, and estate sale hunting, where only the really good true vintage items can be scouted out in a treasure hunt, have shown me what my personal tastes are.  
My grandma raised me as a child, and both her and my mother’s items are filled with happy memories.  I guess I’m an old soul, longing to go back to the nostalgic wonder of those days when life seemed simpler.  It seems to me that my childhood is quite like the well loved film, “A Christmas Story.”  Even though I was a child in the 80’s, my grandmother’s and mother’s items were from the 30’s onward, and therefore I relate to that entire span as my childhood.
I haven’t met many 20 somethings who were collecting vintage, and setting up their wedding registry with having  their milk glass collection as the focal point on the Thanksgiving table at the forefront of their mind.  I also registered for an aqua kitchenaid mixer, and a pastel pink blender, and coffeemaker to carry out the pastel 50’s kitchen decor I will someday collect into fruition.  
With the internet however, you learn that there are others out there… those that share in your quirky passions.
A true dreamer, and always one to have my hand in a zillion pies, along with the true heart of an entrepreneur, I had always had the idea to perhaps have a thrift store or authentic general store of my own, with the name Nicolyndime.  But that would only carry out one aspect of my dream, and I had bigger plans for myself!
Slowly, an idea formulated to me, like all of my passions held a top secret meeting in their clubhouse to get me on board with a clear concise idea for all this stuff.  I had always been a dance artist, and that part of my life will always be there.  Over the decades, I had developed my self as an artist, choreographer, and performer, and later had developed my passion for teaching dance.  I had also created an entity of being a professional makeup artist, and also one of creating children’s events for profit, while also holding my own events for my adult friends and family.  These were always the moments where my heart and creative spirit soared.
While I always was frugal, the age of the internet (pinterest, facebook, etc) allowed me to learn more ways to be frugal in my passions, and I started teaching others about makeup, beauty, and ways to save some nickles, and dimes.  And so the blog was born.  
From there, the idea to create the etsy store of the same name was a natural progression, where I could still be free to create the items I wanted, and seek out and share the vintage items of my past.
I hope that you will stop in often to peek at what I have found, or think of me while you plan your next gathering.  I just might have the very thing you are looking for.  🙂