Swatches and a Mini Coupon Haul

I haven’t been couponing lately, as I really need to learn the policies of Walgreens, and CVS.  I had Rite Aid down pat when I was living in PA, but there’s no Rite Aid in Florida where we are.  So instead I hit up Ulta to do a mini couponing haul.
The E.L.F. products were waiting for me in the mail when I got home.  So I accumulated quite the makeup stash in one day.  


At Ulta I got the mirror, nail polishes, LipSlicks, and Ulta lipstick for $8.47 before tax.  The original retail price was $35.97, which I believe is about 76% off?   (Math is never my strong suit)  
The breakdown is as follows:


Revlon nail color in Saucy (far left) was 4.99.  I used a $3 off coupon
Ulta nail color in Boogie Nights (middle) sale price $2
Ulta nail color in Mint Condition (far right) sale price $2.
Covergirl Lipslicks in #210, and #215.  Clearance at 2.99 each.  Used Coupon on $4 off two.
Ulta Mirror on sale at $1.
I then used an additional $3.50 off $10 Ulta Store Coupon.
Onto the Lip Swatches:
I was really excited to try this ELF Gotta Glow Lip Tint.  I figured it might be a similar product to the Lipstick Queen Frog Prince which is $25 everywhere.  The ELF version is only $6.  It reminds me of the MoodMatcher Lipsticks that my mom let me play with when I was a kid.  She always had the coolest, most hip, “with it” girly things.  Anyway, the lipstick works with your body chemistry and gives everyone their most natural lip color.
The packaging is really sturdy:
And I’m actually in love with the color.
glow 1
I think it’s really complementary to my skin tone.  Here you can see my whole look.  Ignore that I came home from taking Ballet Class and went straight to blogging, so I’m a bit worse for wear after working out!  
When wiping it off I was pretty impressed that not a lot of the product showed up as pink on my tissue
and also that it created a gentle lip color stain.  Perfect for eating out!
Next swatch from the ELF line is a new matte lip color at $3.  It looks different listed on the site, and in person appears to be more of a wine, and less pink in color.
berry sorbet
Regardless, I like this color on my lips, and will change it up with my standard pink, and have fun layering some shimmers over it to create some new looks.
I am forever trying to find a replacement for when Wet N Wild discontinues my favorite shade.. (It’s inevitable, it always happens) and sadly though this Ulta Fuchsia color is pretty… it’s not MY color.
ulta fuchsia
This shade actually looks way more vibrant in person and on my phone.. for some reason my personal computer is dulling this down a tad.
Talk about a stain…Ulta stain but also good to know that you can use this also as a lip stain.  I most likely will use this color in that fashion, and wear it out to eat.
Lastly flashback to the late 90’s and early 2000’s for me with these Covergirl Lipslicks.  The lipstick we were allowed to wear before we could actually wear lipstick:
Shade # 210, which actually SMELLS like high school to me 🙂
Shimmer lipslicks
A perfect shade for layering over lip colors, as well as wearing alone.  A light shimmery shade.
Shade # 215, a little darker, and no shimmer
lipslicks other
In a future post I will review the Makeup Lock and Seal.  I had to wait until it was in stock, and luckily I happened across a one day coupon code for free shipping with no minimum.  So I got the three ELF products shipped to my door for free!
Also apparently you can still purchase those MoodMatcher lipsticks.  I just googled them and a common catalog is selling them, among others on the internet!