Renninger’s Flea Market Sunday!


Hubby and I went to Renninger’s this past Sunday.  We finally got there after it being put off by really hot weather, and the normal adult errand stuff.  Although we have been having some pretty wicked thunderstorms come through every day, the morning ended up being nice, and not too hot, so we headed out to give it a shot.  I have been really missing the vintage old finds of the state of PA, so I got to peruse the wares of one day vendors and their vintage treasures.  
I was pretty psyched when I stopped at one woman’s table.  She was a sweet older woman, who quickly informed me that everything on the left table was half off.  Now you’re talkin my language!  I got this small anchor hocking jadeite saucer.  I don’t collect jadeite, but always wanted just ONE piece of genuine jadeite… for a really good price.  I got this saucer for $1.  So that’s one item checked off my treasure scavenger hunt bucket list.  
I know now that I can stop into Renninger’s  on a Sunday and find some cute vintage treasures if I want to add to my shop. 
These other items that I picked out:  the watch, small compact, and the bottles, will eventually end up in the shop for sale.
I think this week I will head out to the Goodwill, and a few thrift stores to see if I can score any vintage finds there, then next weekend I’m off to an estate sale I’ve had on my calendar for at least 5 months!   
Happy Monday Everyone!