Monday Thrifting and Treasure Hunt

After going to the flea market on Sunday, I really wanted to head to some of the thrift stores that I had been learning about in the area.  I went to the post office for the shop, then continued up the road to hit a thrift store I hadn’t been to yet.  I wasn’t finding much of anything very notable, when these flashbacks from the 90’s caught my eye.  This took me straight back to my childhood:
Does anyone else remember when Ray Charles was singing about Diet Pepsi?  I had to watch the old 1991 commercial to reminisce a bit:

(Picture credit: USAToday)

These will be available in the shop.
Next I stopped at the church’s thrift store.  At first I was finding nothing.. then all of a sudden I started finding some treasures.
The handbags were all $2 a piece.  I needed one new black handbag because my everyday handbag broke a strap while I was walking in the parking lot.  I had a lot of grocery bags, and there it went.  The hardware broke so I can’t actually fix it.  There’s a nice Nine West one on the left, and a flat no name bag that I really liked.  And nope, that’s not a wallet in the front.  It’s a fanny pack.  The character Fiona, on my favorite old TV show Burn Notice, rocked one in the earlier seasons.  This reminded me of that, so for $2, and some functionality, I can’t go wrong.  I don’t care if people don’t wear fanny packs anymore, I’m bringing them back.  I have one I found at a thrift that’s an 80’s stonewash denim.  So now I suppose I have a collection!
Rings and Things will end up in the shop.  Is it bad that I just now realized the pun of this ring holder?  “Oh, RINGS and things… ya know… like an alarm clock.”  Oh boy…..
Rings and Things holds your rings… and… things…
Last time I was at this thrift store was my first visit, and I really didn’t give the whole store a good look because I completely missed the books.  I found that cute vintage Better Homes and Gardens Junior Cookbook at half price, along with the Non Alcoholic Drink recipe book.
I love old cookbooks.  The graphics in this 1963 one are so cute, and it’s so much fun to peek back in time to see what life was like in the kitchen then:
On the way home the allure of a bright pink Estate Sale sign beckoned me up the road from my house where I found these gems:
All of these goodies will end up in the shop too.  
Are these salt and pepper shakers oranges?