Tuesday was for Adventures! Plus a Thrifted Outfit!

Yesterday I went on an adventure to a used bookstore that I had found online.  I haven’t gone exploring in this specific area of town yet, and on the way I went to a few thrift stores.  The first is one that I love because it benefits animals, so I feel good shopping there.  I visited once before and there was an old girl dog, who was so sweet, in the shop.  The people who work there are very helpful, and there is a designated area for all kinds of pet items.  I looked in the dog toys, but my furry baby has a basket full of toys, and really only favors a few.  Before we moved, I actually gave our family’s dogs her hand me downs.  I did it on stealth mode, since dogs are a lot like kids, and they couldn’t care less about a toy until you are getting rid of it.  🙂
I wasn’t finding much of anything, but then I spied the CLEARANCE rack.  Does anyone else’s heart skip a beat when you see that “c” word?  I pulled a few items off the rack, and tried them on.  I was psyched to find this black pleated full skirt, originally from Talbots, with the tag still on.  I looked at the thrift tag, and it was half off of $7.  Sold!  Cute vintage looking skirt at $3.50 is a no brainer.  
It wasn’t until I got home and was showing it to Hubby after dinner, and pointing out the original tag was still attached when I saw the original price.  I’m not good with math… I think that’s like 96% off!


Here I am modeling my thrifted look, and trying out my new selfie button.


The skirt features a border of small round clear beads, that catch the light and give just a bit of understated bling!

20150729_151840-1 - Copy


The tank top is a basic black racerback that I got discounted somewhere at sometime.  I feel like you can never have too many basic tanks.  Love them!
This necklace was from my my Estate Sale Wonderland Post.  It looks very mid century modern to me with the atomic design.


This handbag from Monday’s recent hunt, goes well with the beading on the skirt, and my T strap shoes were an old Target find at $5.00.


And I’m rocking my e.l.f. studio matte lip color in berry sorbet for National Lipstick Day! 
On my way to the bookstore, I spied a few more thrift stores that I ran into and ran out of very quickly.  There wasn’t much that interested me and their prices were a bit high.  
This bookstore (I regret taking pictures) was much like the beginning of “The NeverEnding Story”  Books everywhere… no signs.. no prices.  All the books were organized though, and the owner is an older gentleman who explained to me how his system works.  I look forward to going back in the future, but I found this Vintage Campbell’s Cookbook that will go into the store.


(By the way, if you like the vintage handbag modeled here… look for it in the shop for sale!)