e.l.f. Cosmetics Lipstick Swatches

Hello friends!  Happy middle of the week.  Today I’m talking about my e.l.f. cosmetics mini haul.  I took advantage of one of their no minimum shipping offers, and ordered some backup essential instant lift brow pencils, but of course I had to get some more lipsticks!  
This time I got more matte lip colors in the shades Dash of Pink, and Hot Commodity, and a Moisturizing Lipstick in Cheeky.
Each Lipstick is $3
From Left to Right:  Cheeky, Hot Commodity, Dash of Pink
The first color I tried was Cheeky:
This lipstick smells like vanilla.  I notice it in my other moisturizing lipsticks too, which can be a little off putting if you are sensitive to smells.  It’s a nice pigmented coppery peach shade.
This is the Dash of Pink:
Dash of Pink
It’s the same formula of all the other studio matte lip colors, which I really love.  This is a pepto bismol kind of pink, only more flattering:
Dash of pink2
When I opened the Hot Commodity, I thought it was going to be way too bright for my skin tone:
hot commodity
It’s an orangy shade that makes me think of summer.  I have NO lipsticks in the orange spectrum, so I was curious how I could play around with this.
I purchased the Cheeky so that I could layer it for different effect.  So here is the Dash of Pink with Cheeky layered on top:
Dash of pink w cheeky
And finally, Hot Commodity with Cheeky layered over top:
hot commodity with cheeky
All of these shades have big color pay off.  As usual e.l.f. lipsticks do not disappoint!  Later this week I’ll talk about my review of e.l.f. Lock and Seal so tune in soon!
Also… an update!  I’m absolutely over the moon to announce that I have accepted a job offer teaching dance at a local studio!  I had a small time period where I thought I wouldn’t find the right fit for me.  Being in a “small town feel” beach town, there aren’t many opportunities for the new girl in town… and I was terribly down in the dumps one day last week.  But instead of getting all mopey I expanded my radius to send out more press kits, and told myself that in the meantime, I would focus on the expansion of the shop, and the blog.  I was super excited however, when I got an email from an interested studio, and before I knew it I had accepted a teaching position!  So I still get to share my passion for teaching dance with the young minds of my area.  I am very grateful to get to do something I truly love, and I consider it a huge gift.  
Don’t worry though, I will still be working on the shop!  I’m waiting for my supplies to arrive in the mail so that I can start designing!

Hey!  Join me… It’s free plus you get a freebie!  It’s a win win!!!