e.l.f Lock & Seal Review

I’ve had this for a long time, and haven’t tried it out till now.  While I was swatching all the other lip colors the other day, and already had makeup up and down my arm, I figured that now was as good a time as any to give it a go!
Here it is:
You get the product in a dropper bottle, a brush, and a mini pot to dispense the product into.  
Since the directions on the back say you can use this with pretty much any product:
I used e.l.f. brand for testing this out.
On my arm from Left to Right:
e.l.f. baked eyeshadow palette in a purple shade, black shade, and white shade, e.l.f. blush from the blush and bronzer compact, Taupe Instant Lift Brow Pencil, Studio Shadow and Liner Stick in Plum/Purple, moisturizing lipstick in Cheeky, and Studio Matte Lip Color in Hot Commodity, and Dash of Pink.
So I did my best to follow the directions of dropping the product into the mini pot.  But then it says to add the product to the makeup, and apply it to your face.  In order to do that with most products, I would need to put a wet brush onto the powder, and it would be impossible to do this technique with the eyeliner, and lipstick.
So first I tried to dab the product onto the makeup swatches on my arm.  I applied it to only the bottom half of each swatch.  I noticed that I was getting a bit of color transfer and running from the Lock & Seal.
Then I tried to wet the brush with the Lock & Seal, and dab it into the blush and apply that to my arm.  You can see a slight hint of the pink on the far left above.  But that didn’t work at all.  it was like the watercolor version of applying makeup, and wouldn’t be at all practical for your face.
I allowed the product to dry thoroughly as instructed, and lightly wiped it off with a dry tissue.
As you can see most of the product came right off.  The darker shadows seemed to resist a bit.  After another wipe it was all gone:
So then I tried to dab it on my lip color, because truthfully that’s why I got this product:
With lock and seal
And allowed that to dry thoroughly before giving it a wipe:
After wiping lock and seal
With sad results 🙁
Overall:  I say it didn’t work for me.  If I could mix a bit of loose powder, or shadow with the Lock & Seal maybe it would work, but I’d prefer to use a setting spray and omit all of the mixing and brush cleaner this would take.  Also, I don’t like the idea of continually putting a wet brush into a compact for fear of damp loving bacteria taking up residence, or having to shave powder from a product, collect it, mix it, blah blah blah….
Happy Weekend to all!  I hope you all have something enjoyable planned!