Exciting Weeks Ahead!


photo: findbrevardhomes.com

I’m just stopping in today with a little insightful blog post.  I had mentioned in my last post that I found a job teaching dance.  I had been a little down in the dumps because as soon as I had gotten moved in and settled, I hit the area hard sending out my press kit and resumes to local studios.  Many of them did not respond, even after my follow ups, and a few responded telling me they were fully staffed.  
I interviewed and taught as audition for a small studio, but they didn’t have the need currently for me, and told me perhaps next semester.  And yet another studio wanted me as a teacher, but was only just starting out and didn’t have the student base.  I finally got an interview and audition for a larger well established studio, but after teaching the class, and talking with the studio, I really felt as though I wasn’t the right fit artistically or ethically.  I declined the job offer but feared I had made the wrong decision, and pondered if it was better to accept a position where I would be unhappy in order to teach, or be unhappy not teaching.
The people I choose to share my life with are my best cheerleaders, and they reassured me that the right opportunity would come.  But the end of the summer season had arrived, and I knew from a practical standpoint that most studios would have their staff selected by now.  As a last ditch effort, I sent a few more press kits out to studios that were a tad bit farther than I wanted to drive.  After not hearing back, I decided to give up, and not even send a follow up email.  
Instead, I decided to focus on my business, and journaled my thoughts in order to get a clear statement on paper of what I wanted Nicolyndime to be.  I casually checked my email, something I do on my phone countless times a day, and saw that I had a response to my kit!
That next morning, Friday, I had set up an audition for the following Monday.  Monday evening rolled around, and before I knew it I was hired!  It just so happened that this studio had an emergency spot that needed to be filled, and my press kit showed up at that exact time.  
After my first staff meeting that following Friday, I had felt that I made the right decision.  All of the other instructors that I have met (and there are a lot of them) feel quite genuine, and the owner’s philosophy for her studio feels equal to mine.  
As I get older and wiser, I have learned to cut certain people out of my life who have vastly different views than I about the world and that will, in turn, ultimately harm me whether it be emotionally, physically, or psychologically.  I have learned the importance of listening to my gut in order to select the right path for me.  For now, at this moment in time, this is the right spot for me to be.  
Driving to my first day this past Monday, I felt very blessed to be in a beach town, doing what I love.  The drive to one location makes me feel like I am on vacation as I watch the surfers carrying their boards to and from the beach.   On the way home a gentleman on a skateboard pulled by his dog, who had a smile on his face (the dog not the skateboarder), made me smile too.  As with any new experience, I will be happy to have a few weeks of classes under my belt, to ease into the dance season.
Also something very exciting to me this week, and the beginning of next… two estate sales from homes that look like they are right out of the 1950’s.  It’s rare to find that here in Florida, a place with no basements, and barns, and less older established homes and families.  I hope that I don’t have to deal with any rude estate sale people, who make the whole experience unbearable… but positive thoughts instead!
I’ll be sure and post any interesting finds, and maybe some items can make it to the shop if I don’t want to keep it all!!!
Also, I am working on some new items in the shop’s giftable line.  Just crossing my t’s and dotting my i’s on those!
Follow your heart and your gut folks!  Thanks for reading!