50’s Treasure Hunt 1 of 2

While scrolling the estatesales.net listings for my area, “eek cool vintage mid century modern estate sale, groovy” caught my eye.  I began to drool and ooo and ahh as I looked through the photos.  Back in PA, true vintage estate sales are a dime a dozen.  In fact, that’s pretty much all there is when there is an estate sale listed.  But here in FL, there are few in my area, and prices tend to be higher because there is a vintage market and aesthetic here.  Prices were extremely high, and I unfortunately can’t go on the half off or better day… but I still found some treasures at an affordable price.  Some of the items may even make it into the shop!  
I knew it was good when I saw this:
Pastel porcelain told me the house hadn’t been renovated and most likely the contents were also of the same vintage quality.
So here’s the goods:
Kitchen items that I had to have.  While I was checking out, the woman asked me if 1955 was my birth year (and I really hope she was kidding, as she’s 30  years off in that calculation) but I told her it was the year I feel like I should have been born. 
These cute promotional bottles.  LOVE the retro fonts!
20150821_114843_resized 20150821_114856_resized
I did a quick search, and Tops is still in business today here in Florida apparently.  This is a lonely salt or pepper shaker, that will probably have a new life in my craft studio….
And I just love the pastel blue lid….
I spotted this, and debated a long time whether or not to get it.  I have to admit that the note tucked in with it was the main reason I bought it.  I had just celebrated my first birthday at the time of this note:
I remember these coasters from my grandma’s table.  She was quite the entertainer, and I’d like to think that I got a lot of my entertaining chops from her.  She never had these colors, but these are in such excellent condition, and they were only a dollar.  I had to snatch them up.
My grandma also had a bearing on this purchase.  I once bought her a squirrel candy or nut dish that she absolutely adored.  Ever since then I search for squirrel decor that will complement that dish for Autumn/ Thanksgiving time.  The little squirrel is adorable to me.
It was taped shut at the sale, and it wasn’t until I got home to open er up when I got a surprise.  So bright and cheerful in there!
Continuing on….
These were tucked in the bathroom.  Again, those nostalgic graphics and photos.  Swoon.  This lovely lady is looking ultra chic in her Klippies.  See the cost of inflation?  They were 29 cents, then 36 cents at drug fair… I paid 50 cents in 2015.
Old bandaid tin… with some original bandaids inside.  
Who remembers Mercurochrome?  My generation may be the last to have experienced it’s blindingly painful sting, and bright red stain on your skin….
As a makeup artist… I got pretty geeked out about this right here:
I carefully opened it up to make sure there weren’t any bad surprises inside.  Pretty good condition.
Doesn’t everyone get excited when they buy UNOPENED vintage Kotex Feminine Napkins at a sale?  Well at least I can’t be the ONLY one…..
20150821_115500_resized 20150821_115504_resized
This woman, whose possessions I get to honor, was an avon seller for years.  There was a whole closet lined with vintage avon containers, candle holders, bath oils, etc.  These two soap dishes jumped out at me.
Never used, still in the original wrapping… the soaps have such intricate and delicate patterns.  Today no one really thinks about soap as decor, but in the old days these items were one of the details.
And this rain bonnet… which I had forgotten was at this sale… is the exact same one that lived in my grandma’s car in case of an emergency.  I shall always remember it there as she drove me back and forth to my dance classes, and competitions.  I almost missed it but spied it right at the end.
There’s the hat, still waiting for an emergency, just as my gram’s always was….
But wait there’s more…..
In the garage, there was a lot of Vintage Christmas sprinkled around.  I had to have some restraint, prices were high.. but when I spotted these vintage picks.. I had to get those.
And the Thanksgiving ones too….
I don’t know why I thought this girl was a pilgrim… but I think she’s a caroler…. She needed some one to tell her she was still beautiful, even though she has a gnarly scratch on her cheek.
I have a few of these small ones, but these nativities tend to be broken since they were very fragile.  These are in very good shape.  
The santa picks were in these vintage cups.  I kind of had to buy it all….
Once again… the charm in the old worn graphics gets me every time.  Those nativities were a shiny brite product.  
20150821_120637_resized 20150821_120642_resized
I was super excited to get to this sale yesterday but had a change of heart in the wee hours of the morning.  So I went today, and most of the items I wanted were still there… and a lot of them were really expensive so I left them behind.  As you can see, I still found some goodies.  
There’s another 50’s sale I’m hoping to have success with later in the week.  Fingers Crossed!!!!