1950’s Sale 2 of 2…. Gearing up for Thanksgiving!


Ok so it was kind of a let down.  The prices were VERY high… and I nearly left without anything.  But in the end I still managed to get a good deal on the things I did pick out.  There was a near complete set of primary colors pyrex nesting bowls photographed at the start of the sale.  The only bowl left on day 2 was the largest yellow one.  There was also a blue pyrex snowflake casserole there, but I didn’t want to drop the $15 they had for it.  To some this would probably be a good deal.  But I am a collector only when I can find it for a steal, or it isn’t much fun for me at all.  The estate sale worker told me there was $8 on this yellow pyrex bowl.  

I put it back….

Then I went back for it…

then I put it back….

then I went back for it and carried it around.


I had also spied this cranberry set.  I had never seen it before, and I thought this was something I could use.  Every year I just throw the cranberry in a small bowl and that’s that.  But this would give it a bit more pizzazz.


As I was contemplating putting that back… this woman told me she had just gone in to get it, and then realized I had it.  She told me it was a good find.  I’ll be the judge of that… I looked it up to see if I could get it again for a better price on ebay…. because I was actually going to let her have it if it was about the same somewhere else.  But it turned out it was a good price.. so I kept it with me.  

In a pantry closet, I spied the turkey lifters.  

They had $4 on them.  Something I always say to myself every year when I’m just ready to pull the turkey out of the oven on Thanksgiving is, “I wish I had those turkey lifters.”  Then I forget about it for a whole year, only to remember it on turkey day the next year.  One year I tried that kind with twine, but that was for the birds.  (Get it!?)

So I added the lifters to my stash.

Next I kept one of these 50’s booklets with me (The GE one), because I really liked them all, but at $5 a piece I whittled it down to my first choice.  



Look! There’s my pyrex bowl in green…..

The cookbooks were priced at $2 a piece. 


This vintage Disney postcard was tucked in the pages of the General Electric refrigerator book.



I bit the bullet and asked what was the best absolute price they could do on the lot…. and was shocked when the woman totaled me to $15.  SOLD!  

I may hit the sale again, on the last day, and see if they are willing to wiggle down on the prices even more.   

All in all, I am happy with my purchases… and my Pyrex bowl will look great as a fruit bowl in my 50’s dream kitchen someday!