Prize Puffs and Curio Cones Oh My!

In case you missed it over the weekend, I launched my newest product through my
Peachy Keen Party Queen line on the etsy shop!
So now that the Prize Puffs and Curio Cones are available for purchase… what are all the options?
Well I’m so glad you asked!
Prize Puffs come in lots of sizes, and of course are quite customizable.
Puny Prize Puffs have 4 prizes inside.
Petite Prize Puffs contain 7 treasures.
Plentiful Prize Puffs hold 10 trinkets.
Pumped Prize Puffs harbor 13 toys and treasures.
Posh Prize Puffs are the deluxe version that contain 16-18 prizes.
Curio Cones are also customizable and come in just two sizes.
The Cutie Curio Cone is about the size of a waffle cone.  It includes a prize puff with additional prizes hidden inside the curio cone.  These little cuties hold a minimum of 20 prizes.
Colossal Curio Cones are the same as my cutie version… only much larger.  These 17 inch cones contain a prize puff and trinkets, totaling at least 30 prizes!  When the recipient is done… the cone doubles as a party hat.
The story of the School Cone, or “schultüte cone” is a German tradition.  (My ancestors are reportedly from Stuttgart, and Beilstein)  When entering first grade, children receive these cones filled with school supplies, toys, candies, and other treasures from their parents or grandparents.  
Schulanfänger, Urdenbach, 3. April 1953

Schulanfänger, Urdenbach, 3. April 1953

Image from Wikipedia

The holidays are coming… and these Prize Puffs and Curio Cones are perfect for a Halloween treat, stocking stuffer, or fun and wacky hostess gift.  You never know what you are going to get.. because I never know what I will find in my trinket hunt, but you can be sure you will get a gift that has been carefully curated to recreate that vintage vibe!

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