Skincare Routine

Happy Monday Everyone!
Let’s start the week off with a nice fresh perspective on skincare!
When I worked in the skincare industry I never wore makeup to work, and many people would comment on my skin.  They commented on how clear it was, and would ask me what I did.  When they would compliment me, it was a huge ego boost for me because when I was in high school and college my skin was a mess.
In high school I wore Max Factor Pancake makeup, and if you don’t know what that is…consider yourself lucky that you haven’t had to use it on a daily basis.
It was specifically for theater, and it was a heavy wearing, full coverage foundation that you had to wet a sponge in order to apply.  They’ve since discontinued that line.
I covered the spots, but the bumps were still there.
I tried it all…
Sea Breeze, toothpaste, and strong Acne topical medicines like applying strong benzoyl peroxide onto my skin every night.  This in turn dried out my skin, and made matters worse.
Eventually I suppose my system evened out a bit, and the acne subsided, but I was still far from clear skin.  I’d have one or two pimples a day, cycling through their life spans.  Which meant that I normally had a few brewing under the skin, a few full blown in all their glory, and a few healing.  Then I had a few dark scars from the ones that healed completely.
Like I said… far from clear skin.
I remember just deciding it was what it was, and this was who I was.  Someone who had acne prone skin.
I stopped the harsh products, since they weren’t working anyway, and switched over to a sensitive skin oil of olay face wash.  This was about the time I also went to makeup school, and began to really research ingredients in products.  I started realizing that the high end drugstore products were exactly the same formulas as the actual drugstore name products.
I used a moisturizer after the facewash, and that was it.  No harsh topicals, or washes.  Soon my skin began to clear up.  So much so that I threw out my spot treatment products.
Today I credit my skincare to the steps I took early on, so if you are reading this and you’re a youngin, take notes!  But if you are a more mature individual take solace in the fact that a skincare routine is something that is always better to start now, rather than later.
The other day, at a new thrift store adventure, the cashier was floored by my skin.  She ranted about how clear it was.  I was wearing a bit of powder, bronzer and blush, but not much else.  I decided to share my skincare routine with you all.  Whatever routine works for you, there are products at drugstore prices that can supplement your skincare regimen, or that can probably be swapped out for your high end rituals.
I start my day washing my face with lukewarm water, and this Oil of Olay facewash.  If you can find a drugstore brand right next to this on the shelf… it’s the exact same thing.  Sometimes I don’t use the facewash if my skin feels dry, and just use the water to rinse, and pat dry with a towel.  Next I always, always, ALWAYS wear my SPF 30 sunscreen/ moisturizer.
I’ve tried the Oil of Olay, and Neutrogena, but this Eucerin is only 9.99 and I only need a few pumps for my entire face.  It lasts forever, and it’s not too heavy on my skin.  If a product says non comodegenic on the label, that means it won’t clog pores.
Then at night I ALWAYS wash my face, especially if I have makeup on that day.  I wash using the same Oil of Olay facewash, and depending on how much makeup I have to take off… I use either my Always Off Makeup Cloths or my hands.  A few times a week I use my Clarisonic after taking off my makeup.  The brush lasts a bit longer if you don’t use it to directly take off your makeup.
A word about Clarisonic.  Now, I know this product is a costly piece, and for me it’s an investment.  This is exactly what this blog is about, and where I save my nickels and dimes in other places, I can use on items like this.  I’ve had this Clarisonic since 2011, and got it as a bonus when I was working in skincare.  I’ve gotten one knock off version from groupon, and I’ve gotten the knock off replacement brushes that fit this clarisonic too.  I can honestly tell you that Clarisonic wins this battle hands down.  While the others are close, and great for travel, nothing compares to using my clarisonic for long term skincare.
If my Clarisonic kicked the bucket tomorrow… (knock on wood, please don’t) I would buy a mia or mia 2 for sure within the week to replace it.  It’s the one skincare item I just CANNOT replace with another tool.
Now… after using my Clarisonic, I apply my wrinkle serum.  I’ve been using this walmart version, equate wrinkle correcting serum.  As you can see it’s their version of ROC Retinol Serum.  Serums are not for hydration, so I then follow up with the nite cream in order to give my skin the vitamins and nutrients it can use to repair itself in my sleep hours, while also hydrating the skin overnight.  This is the Rite Aid brand that I had from PA, but when this one is gone, I’ll just find another comparable nite cream at another drugstore down here.  (No Rite Aids in Florida)
About once a week… (Though sometimes life gets ahead of me) I use this apricot scrub in the shower while the steam has softened my skin.  When using any scrub, it’s not about how hard you scrub, but about how long you do.  So instead of really vigorously rubbing the scrub into your skin, and possibly causing damage, gently massage the scrub over every surface and nook and cranny, being careful to avoid the delicate undereye area, and the lips.  When it’s scrub night, I use the Clarisonic, then once I pat dry my face… I apply this Mint Julep Face Mask and allow it to set until it’s totally dry.  I try to do this when I have 30 minutes where I know no one will call, or ring the doorbell, or talk to me, so that I don’t move my face.  The clay is specifically developed to dry out the skin and pull out impurities, so it’s not a good idea to be moving your face around and pulling and tugging.  After rinsing this off with warm water, I apply a pea sized amount of facewash to lather up my face.  I’m always amazed at how it lathers up so quickly after ridding my skin of all the dead skin cells just clinging onto the surface.
Doing this once a week encourages cell renewal, and unclogs the pores.  It also allows the serum and moisturizer to better penetrate the skin surface.  So I follow up with the serum and the moisturizer.
Take note:  Many products with retinol can cause skin sensitivities, and it’s best to introduce your skin to this slowly.  I worked up to using this every night.
It’s all about finding a skincare routine that works within your budget, and that will truly benefit your skin.  Skincare can be tricky, so if you are experiencing true issues you should consult a dermatologist.  You won’t ever need every high end product in a line however, so beware of any consultant or sales gimmick that makes you purchase every single one!
Tune in on Wednesday to catch my Thrift Haul!