Thrift Haul

The other day I went thrifting to start a monthly blog feature.  That outfit I am not going to show you until next week.  🙂  But I did find a few other things that I’m going to show you today.
For searching really quickly.. I did pretty good.  The first thing I spotted almost before I got out of the car.  It was on the “Sidewalk Sale” and 50% off.
This handbag was only $5 and it is in really good shape.  No pen marks inside at all, and it looks like it’s brand new actually!
Does anyone know if this is a logo?  I swear I have seen this logo before but an internet search brought up zilch.
20150908_163640_resized - Copy
These Refuge ripped jeans were way too big in the waist for me, but I liked their boyfriend cut.  Plus they fit me in the legs, so I figured I could get away with wearing them with a belt.  I liked that they weren’t super low cut.  I tend to go for a “mom” jean waist I suppose….
They were $4, and I paired them with a snake skin print legging that I picked up at an estate sale for $1.  I already owned this rocker chic tee.
This Jones New York striped button down tank was only $2.  I paired them with a dark wash skinny jean that was also from an estate sale for only $1.
I’m not high fashion enough to be able to figure out these buttons though…
But as usual with fashion… I just do what I want.
The last look is a teaser for Wednesday’s post….. and it has to do with Polka Dots!
This top is a XXI top that I paired with (yet again) a pair of leggings I got from that SAME estate sale for $1.
All of the sequins are in tact… not bad for $2.
I want to give a shout out to the kind woman at this particular thrift store.  When I mentioned I was running a weekly thrift feature on the blog, and gave her my card, she graciously prayed for me and my business.  I’m sure I’ll be visiting her store monthly for the new blog feature, and with her $2 clothing deals, I’ll be having some hauls to show you all!
Be sure to tune in on Wednesday to see my newest monthly blog feature!