My Youtube Debut!


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So for a while now I’ve referenced youtube for many a makeup and dance related topics.  And quite frequently I think.. “Hey!  I’ve got makeup information to share with the world….”  So here I am… taking a leap into the great internet!  It’s a little (A lot) scary putting yourself out there for anyone and everyone to look at under a magnifying glass but the way I see it is that there are a lot more problems in the world, and if people have the time to degrade anyone, they aren’t putting the time they have been given to a very good use.
Another reason I’ve decided to do this is because I have looked to certain youtube vloggers to brighten my day with their advice, life adventures, and personality.  And you’re not supposed to hide your light under a bushel!  Plus the fear that I will someday be an old lady with the regret and wonder of “what if” is a lot more terrifying than anything could say to me in the present.
If you are on the fence about starting a new hobby, or something has just been on your heart and always in the back of your mind, but you have fear of failure… I hope you can take my advice to just do it.
I’ve always loved cirque du soleil and wanted to pursue becoming a silk aerialist.  I started these skills when I was back in PA but I had to stop because of priorities.  Here in Florida, I’ve discovered a great little studio, with a positive vibe, just like I am looking for.  I started up again this week.  Two days later and I still cant laugh or cough without my entire abdominal region hurting and it still hurts to wash my back in the shower.  But I’m going back again next week because it’s something I’ve always wanted to at least see if I can get somewhat good at… and the only way to know is to try!!!
So my friends in the blogosphere…. I give you full permission to try.  And I hope you find a new love and a new found strength in yourselves.  This is my book… forget a new chapter.  And this is the time I reinvent myself a little at a time!  Imagine what fun can be had when you write your own book.
Until Monday….