Frugal Tip of the Month!

I’ve got a secret weapon for earning a little bit of extra cash on a lot of purchases I make online.  It’s called Topcashback and it works the same way that ebates does.  I signed up for ebates, but never used them because I opt to use Topcashback instead.
Basically you log onto Topcashback before you shop your store, and you earn a percentage back.  There’s no gimmicks, and no tricks.  I have used Topcashback to get funds sent to my paypal account and also have converted it into codes for a higher percentage.
I use this every time I shop elf cosmetics online (and that’s a lot!) to get 5% cashback all the time.  I just checked the ebates site, and they are only offering 3.5% cashback on elf cosmetics purchases right now.  Whenever I get a free shipping email from elf, and want to get some new products, I use Topcashback AND my credit card cashback to get the product for way less than retail price!
To date, I have earned $79.19 cashback, by just going through topcashback for occasional online purchases.  Every little bit helps!
If you’d like to sign up through Topcashback yourself, you can do so through this link:
*I do get credit if you sign up through this link.  It’s completely free for you, and works the same way as if you would sign up all on your lonesome.  Once you’re in, and you see how great it is, you can send your personal sign up link to all your friends and earn credit too!