Monthly Thrift Look

Each month I’m going to try (hopefully) to prove that you can be fashionable and live a thrift store life!  You don’t need buckets of cash lying around (yeah right) to look nice, and follow “trends.”
One thing I always hate about magazines is their usual “Lust and Must” section.
I’m definitely on the same page with them about lusting over an item that’s $1,000.  But they lose me when the must item is over or close to $100.  Maybe even if it’s $50, cause you know, I’m cheap when it comes to buying things for myself.
So I’m going to turn that frustration into a positive, and a challenge, and start this monthly blog feature!
Each month I will use the Allure Magazine as an inspiration to find a thrifted look that is inspired by, or resembles their fashion of the month, proving that if you have a little creativity to think outside the box, and the desire to thrift it up, you can accomplish the look too.
This month’s look was all about the polka dots.
So off I went, before my weekly Aldi trip, to a thrift store a few blocks from there.  At first, I was a bit discouraged.  I found this top:
So at least I had SOMETHING…. but then I spotted it…
Polka dotted, long sleeve, wrap style dress!
This is a perfect Fall look.  Here I paired it with a vintage Trifari butterfly brooch from an estate sale a looong time ago.
This look took me less than an hour to find, and I also found the rest of the thrift haul that I talked about last Wednesday!
The sleeve has a large cuff and a detail with a button.
That’s our nearly new dead TV in the background.   A lightening strike apparently came through the cable box and fried it  🙁
We are using our backup TV til Cyber Monday deals!  Here’s me pondering if TV repairmen still exist.
A perfect vintage fall look for me!  And the final kicker… this dress was $2.
This skirt is $39, and that Michael Kors “Must” dress in blue above is $175!
Let’s see if I can replicate another look or trend next month!