Copy Cat Thrifted Look

I’m still deciding what to call this feature, but I think I’ve found a similar look for month number 2.  When I got my Allure magazine this month, I first looked at the cover to see what makeup style I would duplicate on the channel.  After that I flipped to the “fashion cravings” section for the “lust and must” section.  I initially thought that it would be very difficult to find this look since it is pretty specific.  I also thought it looked vaguely familiar to me too.  I went to my closet, and realized that I actually had thrifted some items that fit into this category already!


The leggings were purchased from an estate sale.  They are a soft, almost suede like texture.  I got them for $1.  The brand is Fashion Diary.  I just love the cute detail and design.

20151008_152622_resized 20151008_152614-1_resized

The top was thrifted from Goodwill in Pennsylvania, and was only a few dollars at most.  The brand is The Classic.  The elephant complements the elephants on the leggings quite well.  I really love the short and sweet positive message as well.


The camisole was picked up on clearance at Target from long ago.  I only paid a few dollars at most for that as well.  The brand is Mossimo.
I would have never thought to pair this top with these leggings, but it totally worked!  This look paired with some brown or black boots (mine are still in storage since it only recently broke into the 80’s here in Florida) would be a great fall look.  If I lived in a cooler climate, a long sweater, or a moto jacket would provide some extra warmth on chilly mornings, or evenings.


I’m looking forward to next month’s fashion craving, and determined to continue my goal to find similar fashions at thrift store prices!
In case you missed it, here’s the makeup tutorial from the cover look!