Maybelline Beauty Blur Dupe, with any lip color

I was almost seduced by the marketing of this beauty device.  They almost had me.  Until I looked at the actual product, and found that the blurring tool is merely a silicone tip.  The look can be achieved by using your finger.  It’s more about the placement of the actual product to give your lips an ombre look.
I have to admit too, that I was creeped out by the fact that Maybelline seems to have failed to provide us with a nice safety seal protecting us from germs.  I checked out the display at Walmart, and Ulta, and both locations were like a war path for this product.  The lip color was smeared all over, and the product had large chunks taken out.  I shuddered to think how many people had tested the color on their hand, or worse, on their lips!
At each location, when I picked up the product, I ended up with lip color all over my hands.  So I definitely was not going to purchase this!  But in examining the product, I learned what the marketing ploy is all about, so I’m here to show you that you can get the same results with your favorite lip color that you already have at home.  If you like one of the colors, there are easily hundreds of shades and brands out there that are the similar.
First if you want the full, defined, and unblurred version of any color, the easiest trick is to get a matching or similar lip liner and go back to your childhood days of staying in the lines by lining your lips with a freshly sharpened lip liner.
If you’re going for a 90’s look you can stop here…..
Then fill in the entire lip.
Apply your lip color over your entire lips.  You can press lips with a tissue, and apply a second coat to get a more opaque color that will last longer.
If you go slower than I did… you can make the peaks of your lips even… (oops).  This is a Wet n Wild fuchsia lip liner, with Elf Cosmetics Studio Matte lip color in Hot Commodity layered over top.
For the blurred look, simply apply your lip color so that it is concentrated in the center of your lips.
20151101_142651-1 20151101_143252-1
 Press your lips together a few times, then using your ring finger, gently smudge and blend any harsh lines.
20151101_142742-1 20151101_143427-1
Above I used Elf cosmetics matte lip color in Hot Commodity (Left), and Ulta shade 236 Fuchsia Fever, (my favorite and on the right.)
I think it’s a pretty close match to their marketing photo:
Simple, and you saved about $9!
As a side note, the colors are very pretty, and I am tempted by the matte pink shades in the line.  If I could find a display that wasn’t rifled over like the last grocery store during a zombie apocalypse, I’d love to try Berry Misbehaved.  But to buy this product JUST for the color blur aspect would be a waste of funds.