Monthly Thrift Look, plus a Vintage High Fashion Find!

This month’s Allure Thrift Look of the month was all about Plaid.  I’ve been seeing a lot of new plaid in the stores, and on commercials and such.  So there is retail priced plaid out there right now.  But since this blog is all about finding it as cheap as can be… off to thrift I went!
I found lots of plaid at the Goodwill, but most of it was in a button down shirt.  Unfortunately the plaid I did find that fit into our dressed up plaid category this month, wasn’t anything I actually liked, and that wouldn’t be very frugal of me if I bought something I didn’t feel good wearing!
So instead I snapped some photos of items that I found that could easily be put into a Fall or Winter look.
I’m not going to lie… this one was a little tricky, which surprised me.  But in under an hour these are the pieces that I found:
Capri style, or long shorts.  It’s still close to 90 degrees here in Florida so these are a perfectly acceptable fall look.  I thought perhaps these would also pair well with a pair of boots, blazer, or button down.
This top would look cute under a sweater, or blazer paired with a trouser and boots.
This is a belt… I think.  I thought it fit into the dressed up plaid category easily since it is attached to a chain belt.  A simple black, grey, or khaki trouser pant, with a clean line of a blouse and this tied at your waist is an instant chic plaid look.  It would also look great with a pair of jeans and a tee.
I also found these belts that would dress up any simple outfit, and add a pop of color.
Probably the best example I found is this handbag.  It reminds me of Burberry.  I knew I wouldn’t wear it, but it was only $2.99.  I left it behind because I have a zillion handbags (one of my obsessions) and I wasn’t in love with this one.
Another item I left behind, but proving that you can find high fashion at the thrift store, is this find.  I picked it up because it looked vintage to me and sure enough it is!  It was a simple blouse with a high neck line, and a bow.  It got the pass because it had a stain on the left shoulder.  But look:
Yup.. that says Oscar de la Renta.  A quick search on my phone taught me that the Expressions line was vintage.
I can’t wait to see what next month brings us!