Frugal Tip of the Month


This frugal hack seems pretty petty when I think about it, but it actually can add up over time.
I guess I must have always been frugal.  Being raised by a Gramma who grew up in the depression, and instilling small frugal hacks with me, even before they were overly popular, will do that for you.
When the recession hit, there were news stories upon special segments upon articles on how to save pennies.  I was already doing all those things and I was only in college.
When I started my children’s event planning business, I created it solely based on flea market finds, items I crafted and sewed myself, and frugal shopping finds.
Most people don’t realize that saving money isn’t about cutting out large portions of your life and doing without.  Instead it is about the culmination of small ways to cut corners.
This is one of those small tips!
Wash and dry your aluminum foil!  I remember I did this one time when I was younger and my dad said, “Nicolyn, I don’t think times are that bad!”  To me though, it was more about wastefulness.  I hate waste.  And I know what you’re thinking, and I agree with you that some things are way too messy to clean off of your aluminum foil.  When I line a baking sheet to cook chicken in the oven, I pitch that foil into the recycling.
I’m talking about the foil that gets placed over a pan of lasagna, or wrapped around some leftover pizza.
It’s really simple to clean this foil.  I flatten it out and submerge it into my soapy dishwater.  I let it soak, and do the other dishes while it’s on the bottom of the sink with the dishes and silverware weighing it down.  If there are any remnants on the foil after the soak, I can normally wipe them off with the dish cloth.
I then allow it to air dry in the dishpan.  I fold it up and store it in my drawer with the other rolls of foil and saran wrap.  I typically only use it a second time before I need to throw it out, but only because I normally use these for the oven baked chicken I previously discussed.
So there it is!  Not every tip has to be complicated!