Gelogic Nail Polish Review


UPDATE:  I’m posting the update at the start of this post because I did try it a second time and I have a bit of a different viewpoint this time around.  You can still read the original post below, so you know what absolutely NOT to do.  That’s always helpful advice too, right?
So I tried this polish a second time on a Tuesday night, using a regular base coat. The very next day the polish still looked great.  But by the end of that day, after doing dishes, and washing my hands a bunch of times, I noticed a few small chips on the free edge of the nail on my right hand.  My left hand looks good.  By the end of the day on Friday, this is what I have observed:
  1.  My left hand looks good, and there is one small chip on my index finger.  My right hand did not fair as well, and I have chips on my index, middle, and ring finger.  They are bad enough that I can see the whites of the nails, and the nail bed.  I am speculating that this could be because I am right handed, and did a better job sealing the left hand.
  2. The finish and great shine that I liked so much when the polish was dry, has gotten a bit hazy. To me, it just resembles regular polish, and not the gel like quality I had hoped for.
  3. I still notice the microscopic hair lines on the surface, and it will not take much to chip away from there.  This is only on my right hand however, and I have been crafting, and doing dishes.. but nothing more than the average daily house chores.  I haven’t been putting a new roof on the house… or anything extreme like that!
Overall, for the price, it’s a good polish, but I didn’t get the gel like quality I had hoped to in a bottle.
I purchased this Gelogic Nail Polish from Five Below after seeing it in their ad.  As you can see, each bottle was $3 a piece, but you would only need to buy the topcoat once.
They had a general selection of colors, some shades in pinks, some in lighter neutral, and some in blues and greens if I recall.  I selected this Jazzberry Shade because it was the closest to a bright pink.
The bottles are slightly smaller than a standard nail polish.
According to the directions, you only apply this like regular nail polish.  No light is needed, and all you need is an acetone nail polish remover to take the product off.
My first initial experience with the product was great.  Right off I liked that there was no overtly offensive smells.  If anything it was very similar to regular nail polish.  And when it dried, there was no smell, unlike other nail polishes that I have used in the past.  I hate when hours later, and after washing my hands a zillion times, I can still smell nail polish.  It’s the worst when you’re eating finger food… and this girl loves to eat!
The coverage was great too.  Here it is after one coat.
And this is the second coat.
The dry time was rather unremarkable.  Pretty standard, especially for someone like myself who immediately realizes she has to use the restroom as soon as the last nail is polished!
The product was self leveling, and I didn’t have any problems with the brush drying out along the way, or the product becoming thick. sticky, or unmanageable.
This was the finished product:
I really loved this up until this point, and had high hopes of going back to 5B to get other shades.
I woke up the next day to discover a small chip on my right and left hands.
20151102_091150_resized 20151102_093620_resized
I touched it up and chalked it up to user error, and not sealing it properly around the edges.  When your nails are short, and there’s no free edge, I tend to get it all over my finger and not much on my nail anyway.
On my way to teach dance, I was admiring the shine of the manicure while stopped at a red light, so I snapped this photo.
After the 22 minute drive to the studio, I realized that my right hand had some wear and tear.
After teaching dance for roughly 4 hours, I came home, and did the usual making myself some dinner, washing my hands, and washing the dishes.  This was the result after the end of DAY ONE:
I was pretty disappointed, to say the least.  This is my right hand, and my left hand isn’t AS bad, but there are hair line fractures in the polish, and that’s where I believe water is getting under the polish and creating the issues.  I will give this a try again of course, but I don’t seem to think it really has the staying power that it should for a gel polish.  I think regular polish may have more staying power than this gel polish.
As a side note, I did apply the topcoat as a base coat.  My thinking was that if I needed an acetone to remove the gel, I didn’t want the polish to stain my nail bed.  Next time I try this I will use a regular base coat, which is thinner than this Gelogic Topcoat.  When I do, I’ll be sure to update this post, and to let you know how it turns out.
For $6 for the set, it’s worth a shot to see if it works better for you, but there aren’t a ton of colors to choose.  You might be better off just sticking with your regular nail polishes and getting a high quality topcoat to get that high shine.
FYI:  For removal I did not need an acetone remover.  I actually used a non acetone nail polish remover and it came off just fine!
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