Thrift Look of the Month


This month I didn’t even have to go to the thrift store in order to find a thrifted duplicate because I already had one at home!  Perfect timing for a super busy week.
This month’s Fashion Craving in the December Allure Magazine is all about geometric patterns.  I immediately thought about these leggings that I thrifted from an estate sale this summer for less than a dollar!


I think it’s a pretty close match to this jacket… what do you think?


These leggings are the kind that have the soft velour or brushed felt feeling… (does that make any sense?)


I paired two simple looks… one with a purple button down, and one with a black.  20151204_141254-1 - Copy



I have a confession to make.  I haven’t gotten my winter shoes out of the storage unit yet, because it’s still completely acceptable to be wearing flip flops here in Florida.  But if I had my winter shoes… I would have completed this look with my black combat boots or my black boots that come to the calf.
But on this particular day… this is how I was rolling for this photo….


It’s all about the comfort…..