Christmas Cookie Time!

Ok… I might be a little over zealous here, but I wanted to share with you ALL of the Christmas Cookies I plan to make.  Well, I plan to start down this list and see where I end up laying in a pool of flour on the kitchen floor from exhaustion!
Since we are in a new state, I don’t have a list of people to fatten up gift these cookies toward.  But somehow I think I will find homes for them all.  (In my husband’s, and my own tummy.)
I made a pumpkin roll the first time this year.  I had to channel my sister in law because she kind of became famous for making them at Thanksgiving.  I instagrammed my journey, and she approved, so I have the seal of approval to carry on the tradition I suppose.


The recipe is the Libbey Pumpkin Roll Recipe 
My sister also gave me a vintage pizzelle iron, so I am going to MAYBE attempt those this year too!  I also am going to make the good ole standby chocolate chip, but make them a hubby fav and holiday inspired twist by adding Andes Chocolate Chips to make Andes Chocolate Chip Cookies!
I’m going to take some shortcuts with these and make some Gingerbread Men.  


I’m also making some Snickerdoodles from my husband’s favorite recipe.
My absolute favorite FAVORITE cookie recipe was found, by me, on the internet from Vittles & Bits.  It is the Italian Knot Recipe.  I tasted these cookies at various family functions, but alas the maker would not share… so I set out to find an authentic version of my own.  After altering the recipe a tiny bit to recreate the taste I liked, I had the version of the cookie I loved!  Here I made them with my Kitchenaid Mixer (the best wedding present ever!)
Another great cookie recipe I made in the past as gifts is a Country Living Shortbread Recipe.  I found this book at a garage sale and I love looking at all the photographs inside too!


The following images are all the recipes as they appear in either my Taste of Home Cookies recipe book or my vintage Betty Crocker Cooky book.




I’m hoping to use up our Halloween Candy in this recipe:


This recipe is a fond memory of painting cookies with my mom, and I think I will do it again this year in memory of her.



So what do you think?  Am I crazy to try to get to all these?  I’m not making it into a job, when it stops being fun, I’ll stop.  I most likely will do half batches of most of these so that I’m not drowning in cookies!  Plus I have to make a few varieties for Santa!
If you’d like to share a classic Holiday Cookie recipe, please leave a comment below to tell me what cookies you can’t live without during the holidays!
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