Holiday Home Tour!

Today I am starting my Week of Christmas with a little home tour of my Christmas Vignettes!
Let’s start in the kitchen….
I have my mom and dad’s old oak ice chest.  It’s very special to me, as my sister pointed out, it’s in about every family photo ever!  My dad passed last March, and when I moved to Florida from Pennsylvania, I had to be selective in the furniture I took.  No one could pry this from my clutches though!  There’s not a price at all I would sell this for.  My dad handmade one of the hinges to match the original.
This vignette sets on top of the ice chest.


As you may have guessed, I am a sentimental type.  So I took two of my favorite prize puffs to keep for years to come.  They will remain in my Christmas decor from year to year.
Next on my gramma’s 50’s formica table, I set out a vintage tablecloth along with some other vintage finds.


The Noel sign is in fact NOT vintage, but has that same nostalgic font and feel.  You can see my orange bulbed candlesticks in the window.
The cozy glow at night reminds me of my gramma…


I created a baking/ cookies and milk theme with my santa mug and cupcake picks.  20151220_094751_resized
There are a few German Christmas chocolates, and holiday nuts on the jadeite plate.  I’ll leave some cookies on there for Santa on Christmas Eve!


This photo was taken before I added the nuts and chocolates, but the carolers on my gramma’s recipe box (made from the wood from the old church pews in our old church) were once a broken music box.  I learned my frugal ways from Gram, who got that music box on discount because it was broken.  She took the wind up off the bottom, and put some foam rubber on it so it wouldn’t scratch the furniture.


Below the carolers, you can see I have a large Santa and Mrs Claus s&p shaker set.  The present was a handmade gift to my gramma.


This little tree I’ve had since I was a little girl, along with the little houses underneath.  I used to set it up for my dolls.


Here I featured my nativity collection.  I didn’t even know I was collecting these, until I started realizing I had a lot of little nativities.  The one on the left was gifted to me by my gramma, and the ones on the right were all found by me.  I think one is an original, from my childhood, but the others I have found here and there.  In fact two I have found here in Florida!


Santa sings Jingle Bell Rock, and sways his hips back and forth.  This was one of my dad’s favorites, and when I power him up I can’t help but see my dad dancing along with Santa.


A  tree is always so pretty at night!  This tree is filled with my mom’s vintage ornaments, that she collected during her younger years.  They have gone on our tree every year we have put one up.  This is the first year they have graced the home of my husband and I.  Below you can see her nativity scene, along with a few vintage inspired larger putz houses that I found at a consignment store.  They were orginally from TJ Maxx.20151220_094819_resized
This divider was also my gram’s and I still proudly hang up my stocking that she lovingly cross stitched when I was a baby.  The other stocking is an estate sale find.  The porcelain teddy bear stocking is a wind up music box that was my passed down to me.


I have a little bit of decor in my craft studio.  This pink tinsel tree is from Five Below, and these two reindeer are treasure hunt finds.  The red deer is the newest, and I’m still deciding if she needs some glitter, or if I like her just the way she is.
The bathroom is not without Christmas cheer.  I have my vintage ornament kit tree, and avon bottle displayed along with a jar of mercury glass ornaments.  These little BELIEVE trees were from Pat Catans in PA.  (I miss that store).  And my tea light was a Goodwill find.
I just love all of my Christmas Decor, because above all it brings those that have passed on, and their memories, a little bit closer at this time of year.  I like to think that they come to visit and smile along with me as I reminisce on the memories of Christmas past.
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I’m so excited for Christmas this week!  What makes you most excited about Christmas Week?