Estate Sale Roundup

I hit two estate sales a while back and as promised, I wanted to share my treasures with you all.  The first sale was in a home in an older town close to me.  Once again, it was run by an estate sale company that unfortunately specialized in vintage, which is code for “we price at antique store prices.”  Occasionally, however, I am able to find some cute things for an affordable price, but I have to be choosy, and bring my haggling “a game.”
The first house had my childhood doll.  My sister is watching over her until I can get her back again someday.  Does anyone know who this little girl is?  I’m looking for information on her.
Since I already have her, I didn’t get a duplicate.
But I did get this deer, that already made an appearance in my Christmas Vignette post:
I also got a bag of vintage cake candle numbers, to embellish and add to the shop, and I found these bowls:
They aren’t labeled as pyrex, but they go nicely with my yellow pyrex bowl that I found at another estate sale earlier in the year.
I ventured onward to another sale, and boy did I hit the motherload!  Just take a look at these photos I snapped during my hunt.

It was along the river, in a beautiful old run down home, separate summer house in back, a two car garage, and a shed.
It all had been abandoned for years, and unfortunately the elements had taken their toll, but there were still many items that were fabulous.  The house had been kept up a little.
My hunt seemed to go on forever.

I found most of these items in the outdoor locations.
I also found this matching 50’s style pink scale and trash can:
In the house, which went on forever, I found these cute poodles:
The one in the back left is my mothers, but the 4 in the front joined the pack.
I also opened up a small trinket box and was pleasantly surprised to find a vintage pair of pointe shoes…. perfect for a dancer!
I wanted to take so much more stuff, but it was covered in filth, and I was getting a little squirmy because I don’t like bugs…..and I at least wish I would have had some gloves.  I left everything outside until I could clean it at home.
And that was the estate sale adventure!
It’s almost the New Year, and I hope you find all kinds of treasures big and small, tangible and not, in the next 12 months!  Please share your vintage goodies with me on my facebook page, and comment down below to tell me what you have found lately!
I’m still taking a break from filming in order to spend these precious 4 day weekends with my hubby and furbaby, before the hustle bustle starts up again.  Everyone needs a little R&R, to refresh and recharge your batteries.  So that being said Happy New Year!!!! Thanks for being with me on my journey!