Start the New Year off Right with a fun Organizational DIY!


Today I am ringing in the New Year by showing you a really simple, frugal, and green DIY.  I made this little project a while ago when my Mother in Law came down to visit.  I wanted our guests to know what was on the menu each day, so I used it for that purpose, but this little craft has so many possibilities.

All you need is a picture frame, some paper, and a dry erase marker.  You can get really creative here and use scrapbook paper to match your decor, or a simple notebook paper like I did.  You can also use pretty dry erase colors!

Put the paper in that frame, and then write whatever you want on the glass!  There is some diy involved… tracing and cutting the paper to fit in the frame.  SUPER EASY!

I use mine for lists and messages too!  And because the frame can remain in one central location, you are never looking for bits of notepaper.

I got my frame at the dollar tree, and the markers too!  The paper I already had.  So for $2 I am all organized for the New Year!  By the way, to remove the writing, all you do is wipe clean.  Be frugal to the tenth power by using a piece of cloth instead of paper towel or tissue.

Here is my printable weekly calendar that will fit in a larger frame.

Ocean Waves Weekly Calendar

You can let your imagination soar with this DIY.  How about adding some photos, that you can change out, or adding mementos like movie tickets, flat awards, stickers, and kids drawings!?

Speaking of kids… These would make great chore charts, or classroom award charts.  Older kids could turn this DIY into a game by drawing funny faces over photographs, or scenery photos.  (Younger kiddos might not be trusted with the glass).  Adults (and kids) could use these for a great game of pictionary!  The possibilities are limitless!!!

So keep your grocery lists, messages, and your kids in line by making this super easy and super frugal craft to start your new year off right!