Simple Recipe for Honey Cinnamon Butter

For New Year’s Day, I make a bread recipe that was given to me last year.  It’s a really simple, no knead dough recipe.  The first year I made it, I formed it into a pretzel for good luck, but it didn’t bake evenly because I had some thick parts and some thin parts.  So the subsequent times I made it, I just plopped it all onto the cookie sheet just as the recipe calls.
Here you can see the finished, just out of the oven product.


But that’s not what this recipe is about….
Its about the Honey Cinnamon Butter.
I must be honest…. when I am making this recipe, I rarely measure a thing.  So I can assure you that it is really that foolproof, but for sake of giving you an actual “recipe”  I will estimate my measurements.  You can add or change to taste.
My husband is crazy for this Honey Cinnamon Butter.  I got the idea when I was at a buffet for the holiday season years back.
This little butter recipe is a sweet addition to complement your basic store bought bread or bread recipe.  I don’t have a photo of it, because I only made a half stick and it was gone before I got a chance to even think about snapping a photo… it’s that good!

honey cinnamon butter recipe