Frugal Living: How to Stack Your Savings Without Cutting a Single Coupon.

Today I’m going to show you a simple concept that carries a whole lot of frugal living power.  If you are familiar with couponing, or watched a popular show on couponing, you know the biggest money saving power comes from when you can stack your coupons alongside a great sale.
But few people know that you can do this outside of brick and mortar stores.  Today I am going to show you how to do this by giving you an example I personally use several times a year.
I have reviewed one of my favorite sites on Topcashback, but ebates is another similar site.  For the purpose of this tutorial, I am using my Topcashback.
It is worth noting that I am not compensated in anyway for talking about these websites.  This is my real savings plan!
I love going to my weekly aerial silks class, and have recently started also taking lyra or aerial hoop classes.  These classes can add up quickly so in order to save a little more I stack my internet savings!
First start out with the retailer where you will make your purchase.  My fitness center accepts Spafinder Wellness gift cards, but if you were shopping on Target, Old Navy, or any other website you could use gift cards for these retailers too.


Next, find a discounted card website such as and search for a discounted gift card where you can get the code instead of the physical gift card.  This way you can make your purchase immediately, and not have to wait for the physical card to be mailed to you.
The next thing you are going to do is go to Topcashback and type in your gift card discounted website to see if they offer any cashback on your purchase.
Start at Topcashback and be redirected to Raise and make your purchase.  You will get your gift card code mailed to you.
Don’t stop there!
Return to Topcashback and see if your brick and mortar retailer is in the cashback offers.  Be redirected through the site in order to get your cashback.
Finally enter the discounted gift card code into the basket at checkout to make your purchase!  (BONUS:  Look for a coupon code online for discounts off your purchase!)


That all seems very confusing… but here are some examples:
Let’s say I want to make a purchase on
  1. Head to and enter Raise.  At the typing of this post you can earn 2% cashback on your Raise purchase.  Follow the links to be redirected to and purchase your discounted gift card.  The amounts and savings change daily, but you can save up to 5.5%
  2. Next go back to and enter Target.  At typing Topcashback is offering 1% back on Target purchases.  Follow the links to be redirected again.
  3. Finally on the website, add your regular priced (Or discounted items for even more savings) into your online cart.  Use your discounted gift card code to pay for your purchase.
  4. If you have a balance, use a cashback credit card for that last extra bit of savings.

Here is the actual savings plan I use monthly for my fitness classes:
  1. My fitness center’s website offers me the option to purchase a class package for a discounted rate.  It’s normally $75.00 for 5 classes.
  2. Head on over to Topcashback and enter spafinder.  I can earn 6% cashback.  Now I’m redirected to Spafinder.
  3. On Spafinder, I fill out the info to send myself a gift card code to my email.  Before checking out I google to find a coupon code for  Typically I can a 10% off code.  So I order a $75 gift card for $67.50.
  4. Next I open my email to find my code and head over to my fitness center’s website to complete my purchase.  I can apply the gift card balance and complete my purchase. (You may wonder why I don’t double back on topcashback like in the example above.  Raise only offers physical gift cards for spafinder, and after phoning customer service, I discovered you must take these in to the cashier to add to your account.  I prefer to do it all online.)
Math isn’t my strong suit… but let me try to crunch the numbers here:
Typical per class payment is $25 x 5 =$125
Class Package $75/5 = $15 per class.  Already a huge savings.
$75 – $7.50 = $67.50 = $13.50
Earn 6% cashback on $67.50 ($4.05)
$63.45/ 5 = $12.69 per class!
PLUS the extra percentage I earn from my credit card, which is currently 5% or $3.38 for every package.
Grand Total of $60.07 for 5 classes = $12.01 per class
It may not seem like much but an extra $2.99 every class sure adds up over time!
I hope that I have shown you that you don’t have to give up things you love in order to save a little extra in the long run!
I’d love it if you shared your favorite frugal ways to save money online in my comments section below.  Are there others that I don’t know about?