e.l.f Cosmetics Kiss it Goodbye Lip Color Remover Review

Hello everyone!!!  Does everyone just have one of those days when you’re having a major problem, and no one is doing their job correctly, so no one is actually helping you?  I am.  But according to the folks at e.l.f cosmetics, you don’t need to have a problem removing your highly pigmented and staining lip colors if you use their “Kiss it Goodbye Lip Color Remover.”  I mostly prefer a lip color with that staining power since I know that it will stay on throughout my daily activities, but sometimes even after scrubbing a tad I feel like I still have the remnants of last night’s lip color on my lips the following morning.
Since the skin on the lips is very thin, you want to safely remove your lip colors without harmful scrubbing that can cause irritation and premature wrinkles.
So I decided to give it a shot.  The product is one of their more frugal options at only $3.
The tube is a tad smaller than the normal lip gloss, and holds only .35 fl oz.
Here is my best staining lip color, which I applied, blotted, and applied again.  I allowed that to rest on my lips for a good long while.
The directions say to use your finger to apply the oil based formula to your lips.  Wait 30 seconds and remove with a cotton pad (I used a tissue).
The top lip is with only the tissue removal, and the bottom lip is the starting point. (Ulta no. 236)


The product itself has no smell and feels very smooth on my lip.  The lip color did come off on my finger and I had high hopes.  Here it is in its glossy glory.


As you can see, after one application…no change doctor.  (Anyone get my Twilight Zone reference there?)


So I gave it a second round thinking that this is maybe some powerful lipstick.  After 30 seconds I gave it another swipe and no change again.  It pretty much looks exactly the same as the few swipes from a tissue to the top lip.


Others have given it pretty good reviews, and perhaps those great reviews are coming from those that use dark lipsticks that are not very staining, but still require a tad more pressure for removal.
End review:  it didn’t work for me.
I hate being so negative… and I guess for $3 it’s worth a shot, but I truly think it has a lot to do with the formulation of the lipstick.  Probably some glycerin, or makeup remover wipes are going to get you the same result, and at least you can use that for more areas of your face.
If you all have any recommendations for products you would like to see me review (frugally friendly of course) let me know in the comments below!