I’m Moving… Here’s Some Helpful Hints


This will be my second move in a calendar year.  This one is less stressful.  This one will be just up the road.  I can be positive or negative in this view.  I choose positive.
The positive is the second we weren’t staying our landlord became pretty crazy pants, and the realtor on the house keeps making appointments with me to show the property I’m leaving and then standing me up.  So we are SOOOO ready to leave.
The positive is the new place is dog friendlier (when my baby is more happy, I’m more happy) and it’s larger.  I’m excited to hopefully set up a dedicated blog/ vlog/ and craft room!  WOO HOO!!!!!
The positive is it is right up the street, not 1,000 miles away this time around.  We have more time to move, and we are staying in the area I love!
The negative is… you gotta move all your stuff!!!
So here’s some simple tips I came up with to make a short move.
  1.  Downsize first!  What you don’t use, lose.  Donate it, give it to a neighbor, share with your friends, sell on ebay, craigslist or a facebook group… but don’t move stuff you won’t use and haven’t used in a long time.
  2. Wash everything before you go.  Wash your bedding, towels, and anything else you see fit and store it away in plastic bags with dryer sheets to keep it smelling fresh for the move.  When you get to your new place, the last thing you want to do is a load (or loads) of laundry!
  3. Vacuum your furniture and check your furniture.  If you are like me, though you drape the couch with dog blankets, and vacuum it weekly, there is still a way that debris finds it way into the crevices.  Check for change, lost items, and valuables too!
  4. Instead of wrapping items in paper, use your towels, sheets, clothing, and other fabrics in your home to wrap your breakables.
  5. LABEL EVERYTHING!  Whether you want to use the good old sharpie marker, or get fancy and color code with duct tape, have a labeling system!  It can be more exciting for children if they each get their own duct tape and label bags of stuffed animals and non breakable toys.
  6. Make an unpacking schedule.  What rooms and items are the most important to unpack first, second, third, or last?  This will save you from having everywhere and nowhere to start.
  7. In the weeks leading up to packing, pay attention to what you use, and leave it out.  I always pack something I think I won’t use and then end up needing it.
  8. Keep all valuables with you, even when you are just moving up the road.  Remember to keep your human and pet documents easily available too.
  9. Begin thinking about and making a timeline for utilities to be turned on and shut off.
  10. Also timeline your notifications for your new address.  As you go about your daily travels to the doctor, bank, and other places, be sure to let them know of your address update.  Remember to change it officially at the post office too.
  11. Pack snacks for the day of travel.  People will get hungry and will want to grab some easy snacks like trail mix, granola bars, and other healthy, filling treats.  Don;t forget plenty of water too.
  12. Pack closets with 10 to 15 hangers under a plastic garbage bag with a hole in the bottom.  Poke the hangers through the hole, and create garment bags.  Tie them up at the bottom and hang them right up when you get to the new place.
  13. Leave items in drawers and use plastic wrap or packing wrap to bundle all the items in the drawer.  This saves you the time of packing and unpacking these items, and also finding boxes for these knick knacks.
  14. Let yourself have fun planning how you will decorate and set up your new place.  Allow yourself to dream!