DIY Brown Sugar Scrub

Today I am bringing you an easy diy to make you feel pampered just in time for Valentine’s Day.  It is an at home brown sugar scrub.  All you need are three ingredients:
  1. Plastic Container with screw top lid.
  2. Brown Sugar
  3. Oil
Start with enough brown sugar to fill your container.  I used an empty apricot scrub plastic container, but you can use whatever you like.  In a pinch a plastic ziploc baggie would also work, but not for the long term.  I do not advise using anything glass in the shower whatsoever!
Add whatever oil you would like.  I used canola oil since you aren’t going to have it on your skin long, and coconut oil will solidify below a certain temperature.  Use enough to get a paste like consistency, enough to spread it onto your skin.
Then you just mix it together.  You will want to mix it a bit before you use it in the shower or bath.  Use this to slough off any dry skin.  The oil hydrates your skin.  A word of caution however for the shower… This will make your shower slippery, so be VERY CAREFUL when you rinse it off as it can make a slipping hazard.  If you are concerned about this you can always use it in the bath.
Who says you have to spend big bucks for a quick luxurious spa escape?