Product Review: Micellar Water

I was curious about this new product that I’ve been seeing lately; Micellar Water.  The advertisement alleges that the Micelles attract dirt and makeup away from your skin, without stripping your skin or causing harsh irritations.
I picked up my bottle of Simple Micellar Water from Walmart for $5.97.
The directions on the back tell you to use the micellar water by wiping it onto your face (no scrubbing needed) with a cotton round, and you do not need to rinse it off.
I added it into my skin routine as follows:  First I wash my makeup off by hand, then I use the Micellar Water to catch any leftovers, then I follow up with the Clarisonic.  I have also sometimes used it after my Clarisonic.  From these practices I have observed two things:
First, I don’t get a lot of makeup showing up on the cotton round when I wash off my makeup by hand first, but I do catch small traces.  I always feel like the Clarisonic would catch these but it’s nice to know that the Micelles are doing their jobs.
The second observation occurred when I used my Clarisonic one evening and got sidetracked, and failed to follow up immediately with my moisturizer.  Normally I apply this after I have dried my face, but this particular evening I went to check on something and never followed up on it.  I realized about an hour later when I still saw the jar of night cream on the bathroom counter, that my face never got as dry as it does when I don’t use the micellar water.  From this I realized that the micellar water moisturized my face.  Normally if I don’t follow up with my night cream after I dry my face in the evening… it would be hard to forget because my face gets a little dry and can be uncomfortable.  After looking at the label, sure enough, it says it hydrates.  Go figure…..
I believe the true test was when I used my Covergirl Outlast Lip Color the other night.  It was on for hours, and it wasn’t budging.  I tried soap and water, and I didn’t want to keep scrubbing, so I tried the Micellar water.  I was pleasantly surprised that after a few swipes, it was completely removed.
I think the Micellar water is working even though I cannot see vast amounts of dirt and oil on the cotton round.  I take pride in my skin to completely remove all of my makeup each evening before bed, and to use my clarisonic each morning and night and therefore I don’t believe I have vast amounts of dirt and oil on my skin.  The true test for me was the Covergirl Outlast Lip Color that was quickly removed with zero irritation or dryness left behind.
End review:  I love it, and will add it into my skincare routine as a toner/ cleanser as suggested.
PS:  I’ll be back to my regular Friday Videos once I have some sanity again!!!!  Thanks for hanging in there with me as life changes!