A DIY Vanity for Under $70


This was the project that I wanted to do when I first saw our walk in closet when we viewed our new rental home.  I must have had delusions of grandeur after we left, because once we rented it and I came back to view the place alone, I literally laughed out loud because it actually wasn’t THAT big, but it is much bigger than our reach in closet from our last rental.
I put my thoughts of my diy vanity aside, and got to unpacking.  Once I got everything put away, I realized that there was a perfect space in our much larger bedroom for me to put my diy vanity.  So off I went to find my supplies.
I originally found this idea on pinterest.  That’s where all of our successes and failures start right?  But I am pretty proud of this project and how it came out!
First you can make a cheaper version of this if you get the 3 drawer units from Walmart.  They run roughly $10 each.  I wanted to create a vanity with a little more height, and with some different drawer sizes.  These five drawer units were $19.88 each.
You can also make it cheaper and save yourself some steps if you like white, or can find them in black.  I wanted black, but they weren’t in stock at my local Walmarts (I tried a few).
I headed on over to Lowes and a helpful employee showed me to the scrap wood section.  I measured the depth of the drawer units.  They were 14.5 inches, and had the employee cut me a piece that was 4 feet by 14.5 inches.  He only charged me $4 for the slab.
Next I headed to the craft store to pick out a paint color.  Now, I bought the spray paint that says it is for plastic, but since have learned that they make a plastic spray paint primer.  Get that if you want to spray your drawer tower.  Just do it.  I did it the hard way…


Here I sprayed the towers once, but tested the spray paint.  As you can see, I can easily scrape the paint off so I knew I had to purchase some type of sealer.  After talking it over with my sister, I settled on Mod Podge.
I sprayed the towers once more to get an even coat.  The next day I gave both towers a healthy sloppy coating of mod podge.  (All this easily avoided had I the knowledge of a spray paint primer for plastics!)


You can see brush strokes but that wasn’t something that was going to bother me.  I contemplated getting the glitter mod podge actually…. but wanted it to match our bedroom set so I didn’t!
Once I had everything painted the black color, I sprayed the wood top with a simple lacquer, and cut some scrapbook paper to fit in the drawers.  I used 10 sheets at .59 cents a sheet.


I LOVE it.  I finally felt well enough to put some makeup on the other day and sat down to use it… and boy is it NICE!


On Friday I will give you a tour of the inside and of the items I used to accessorize my vanity!
Happy DIY!