An Organized Vanity


My DIY Vanity was finished off with a bunch of collected treasures, and frugal finds.
The mirror is a Dollar Tree find simply propped against the wall.  My sister gave me a lighted vintage makeup mirror, and once I figure out how to change the bulb inside, I will also display that on this vanity top.
These vintage milk glass containers were my gram’s and they are where my collection sprouted from.  These have some cotton swabs, and cotton balls inside, and also house my vintage lipstick tube collections.


Speaking of vintage makeup containers, I thought this was a fitting spot for my vintage compact collection too.  That one on the far left is a gift from my best friend.  She got me a gift certificate to an antique shop and I picked that little treasure out.  That blue Damask print perfume cover is a vintage Shalimar that also belonged to my gramma.  The print complements my damask scrapbook paper!
On the other side I have another thrifted milk glass that is perfect for holding my brushes.  Neighboring that is an Avon Poodle.


Inside the vanity I chose some simple dollar tree organizers and rubber shelf liner so the containers wouldn’t slide around when I open and close the drawers.
As you can see I used a flatware drawer organizer for my liner pencils.
All this organization is a thing of beauty!  These two towers also house my hair accessories, sunglasses, and other beauty odds and ends.  I love this little diy, and it was so simple even I could do it!