This One’s for You, Dad. Italian Easter Pie Recipe


I’m so excited to announce that my Dad’s beloved Easter Pies turned out!  I had my doubts when the baking was going on, but I learned from my mistake, and it seems to not have been a disaster.


Let me tell you guys my recipe!
Now, this was NOT an exact science for me, which I think is a good thing for you!
It means you can adjust the recipe to your own liking, and there’s room for mess ups.
I went to the deli and Publix and had the girl cut me two chunks of deli meat.  If she was a little over or a little under, I said, “That’s fine.”  I figured it wouldn’t have to be an exact measurement…. and I was right!  I cut all of the chunks into diced cubes, and added it all to the ricotta.


The mistake I made was filling the pies a bit too full.  You can tell that one pie was a little puny, and I think I stuffed the first one way too much.  There’s a baby, a mommy and a daddy pie in there, and there should be triplets!


I looked at two recipes for these pies.  One said to use 5 eggs for two pies, and one said to use 6 eggs for one pie.  So I was really just winging it when it came to the eggs.  I also didn’t measure the ricotta exactly, and just eyeballed half of the container.  I know I got a little more than just 15 oz. into the bowl, and that’s what the one recipe called for.  Oops!


When I was combining the pie mixture I was hopeful because it smelled like the pies I remember.  After the pies were cooled, and refrigerated, (we always ate these cold) I cut into one.  I smelled it and it smelled like I remembered… and it looked like I remembered…and by jove it sure did taste like I remember.
My husband said it reminded him of his grandmother’s pepperoni bread too.
My dad LOVED these pies, and always had one frozen ready to pull out.  Someone else in the family made them, but I’m happy to have figured out the recipe myself.  I’m having a slice for dad on Easter Day!
Here’s MY recipe for Italian Easter Pies:

Italian Easter Pies Recipe - Copy