Vintage Denim Patch Jacket DIY


A few years back my mother in law gave my husband all of his merit badges from his scout days.  I still have my mom’s girl scout sash with all of her patches, and though I could never rip the patches off that, I wanted a way to display my husband’s patches.
I don’t know when I came up with this idea, or where inspiration hit, but shortly after I had it I found one in an estate sale listing.  I went a little after the sale and it was already gone.  Then I found one on etsy, and it was listed at $300.  I knew I was on to something.
I have since been finding some vintage patches here and there, and I incorporated those into this jacket as well.
Plus it was an excuse to go to the thrift store!!!  Goodwill had a few different denim jackets but I selected one that looked very vintage.
First I laid all of the patches out the way I wanted to sort them (small, medium, large) and then I placed them on the jacket to my liking.  I took a photo, and thought to stitch them in place just to hold them there so I didn’t have a ton of straight pins throughout the jacket.



But I quickly realized that only one stitch wasn’t holding my patch in place while I hand stitched around the patch, and it was shifting.  This one had to be undone.


So I grabbed my liquid stitch to hold them in place, and this idea worked a lot better!


I wanted to use this clear thread for everything, but it was too thin to stay in the patch, and the knot wouldn’t hold.  SO….after finding matching thread for every patch…I’m still not totally done!  My fingers hurt, and sewing some of these patches is hard work!


I will debut and model this jacket as soon as I get the last 2 patches sewn on… and hopefully I find my shutter button in the meantime….so I can take easier photos.


Not every patch made the cut, but I will continue to add more onto the back when I have enough that look just right.
I love this DIY because you can make a collection into a wearable piece of art.  My husband likes that I am honoring his childhood days too.