Free Password Printable

Password list
If you are like me, you have about 3 million passwords to sites ranging from your banking institutions to your local pizza place.  I had them all written on a notebook page, but now I can’t even find them on there anymore!!!  So I needed a solution.
A quick search showed me there are password planners, (of course there are) that act like address books.  I didn’t want to order one when I can create a solution to my problem.  And I’ll bet you have the same problem so I’m sharing my solution with you!
This free printable is easy.  Just click and print the PDF.  You can print them back and front, and then fill in the alphabetical information as needed at the top.  Just fold in half and staple them together like a book.  When you need to add a page you can easily do so by removing the staples and inserting a new page.
Organization makes like so much easier, and I hope this quick, free printable will add a little help to manage your chaos.