Thrift Store Haul

I hadn’t been treasure hunting in a long time so I decided to head to the Goodwill Saturday morning.  I wasn’t in any particular hurry, and I meandered around the store, not interested in clothing, but just to look through the glassware, and household goods.
I hit the jackpot!  I always see posts about others finding pyrex in their Goodwill, and it was more common in PA, but here in Florida it’s tough to find.  When I rounded the aisle and spotted all this pyrex I had to contain myself.
Then came the tough decision of what to take and what to leave…
I knew what I wanted for myself, and that’s easy to decided whether or not I want to spend the high thrift store price on them.  Goodwill caught wind a while back that a lot of people were losing their minds over the old pyrex and started raising their prices to match.
I immediately put the blue ones in my basket, since they match my kitchen perfectly.  Then I began to debate whether or not to take or leave the orange and avocado green pyrex.  The orange was in pretty good shape, but a quick look on etsy showed that the same collection wasn’t priced much higher than the thrift store price.  After much debate I settled on leaving it, as I wasn’t willing to risk shipping such a heavy glass casserole, and risking the destruction of it in the mail.
It was here however, that I also struck up a conversation with a nice woman who has a little vintage wares booth in a local mall.  I just love talking to people after my own heart.  She spotted these Pastel Lu-Ray plates in my cart and told me she donated a few just like that, and in fact thought they were hers.  So I settled on the idea that they WERE hers, and thanked her for donating them!
I did find a few items that will be listed in the shop, including these state souvenir cups, and this very interesting, signed, 1940’s razor receiver.  At first I thought it was a bank, that you had to break.  Luckily I looked up the stamp on the bottom, and boy was I shocked to find out what it was!  I just love finding little bits of history at the thrift!
I originally bought the small red pyrex refrigerator dish to put in the shop, but then it was calling to be added to this vignette here:
So woman’s prerogative… and I decided to keep it.  This way if I ever run into a yellow refrigerator dish.. I’ll have a complete set!
And they are home!