Happy Planner Haul

20160805_151904_resizedAwhile back I posted this Happy Planner haul on my Instagram account, (if you’re following me, you’re totally awesome and I thank ya very much.  If you’re not… why aren’t you!?)  I also hinted at a big announcement for me.  I’ve been bursting at the seams to tell you all, but I was waiting till it actually happened.  And it’s happening…..
But I’m not going to tell you just yet.
I’m making sure that it will actually happen….


But I’m telling ya that I’m going to be pretty busy for a few months, and I needed a great planning system.


A Happy Planning system!
This is the Happy Planner…
I also bought a ton of frugal and fun supplies to go with it.
It might have been an excuse to buy cute stickers….
All of these stickers were $1 per sheet!
I like my planner for memory keeping too, so I wanted to snazzy it up.


I’m really excited to continue to plan, craft and decorate in it.


Here’s what I love about the Happy Planner Concept:
  1. The Planner is Happy!  With designer style pages, and cohesive quirky elements, you can customize this planner anyway you like.  You can add stickers, and washi tape, and lots of Happy Planner designated items that are in the line.  Not to mention that a quick trip to Etsy proved to have a zillion options for add ons, add ins, stickers, and anything else you might want.
  2. There’s a ton of room for the actual planning… plus decorating.
  3. The pages come in and out easily with this awesome disc binding system:20160805_151945_resized
4.  I purchased the 6 month extension pack so I can get a solid 2 years out of this planner.  There are wedding, fitness, and recipe extension packs too!
I think if you can make your planning system fun, and personal, you might have a lot more fun planning out your days!
If you have a Happy Planner or another planner system, I’d love to see how you make your personal planner happy!