OK I’m ready to formally announce this

(No… I’m not pregnant…)
But I’m pretty proud!
Women are pretty powerful, and you are pretty powerful too.
Right now I feel like every song written about following your dreams, was written just for me.  One of those, walking on the clouds, can’t bring me down, won’t be stifled kind of moods.
And I’ll tell you why….
In one short year, I’ve accomplished so much more than I ever thought I could, with little more than sheer will, determination, and some pretty great cheerleaders in my corner.  (you know who you are, and though a few of you may be far away, you’re always close in my heart.)
It wasn’t long ago I was in a pretty bad state of mind.  I didn’t think there was much more for me to experience in this world, and I was jaded and suffocated.  When my husband got relocated to Florida for his job, I moved, leaving everything behind, and began a fresh start.
With no friends, connections, and familiar comfort spots in sight, I buckled down.  Determined to land a dance teaching job.  I sent out a bunch of press kits and waited.  I landed an audition, but the hours weren’t there for me.  I landed another audition and it just didn’t seem like the right fit.  Disheartened, I kind of gave up.  Then I got a call.  She needed a teacher fast, and it just so happened that my resume finally made it to her mailbox.
Dream number 1:  I was hired!
I decided to step out of my comfort zone, and start taking classes in aerial silks, and eventually aerial lyra.  I worked hard, I got a pull up bar, and I went to class all the time, even if I felt I couldn’t do anything and was really far behind.
On a totally random and ordinary day, the owner, asked me if I would like to teach the intro level classes.  I’d hoped that my responsible behaviors, work ethic, and determination to succeed, shone forth and I’d like to think that’s one of the reasons I was hired.
Dream number 2:  Tackling a dream AND getting hired.  (Can you even believe that once I hit 25 years old, I thought I was too old and my opportunities were zilch?!!!)
Not too long ago one of the instructors from that first job I landed needed a substitute for her adjunct faculty job teaching dance at a local college.  She asked me if I’d like to go through the process to become credentialed to teach there.  YES!
Dream number 3: Teaching at the college level.
A lot of people told me that I’d never make anything out of dance.  They scoffed when I wasn’t doing a “real” track of study and threw comments around on how easy it must be to just go to school and dance.  Those people sounded very ignorant to me then, and sound even more so now.
As an adult, and fellow member of humanity, I would tell anyone to follow their dreams.  I’d add that if you work hard, and position yourself in the right track, your odds are better to land that dream job.
Don’t give up… never ever ever give up.  Laugh at the naysayers.  Tell them nothing, but show them how wrong they are.  The best revenge is living a happy life.  🙂
Be the person that makes other people feel good.  You’ll be remembered for that.
You’ll also be remembered for making people feel bad…..
Remember that too….
It’s your choice.